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Description of ARTICA TECH

Artica Tech is a new French Software Publisher, an independant company, established in 2012 and based in the Paris area. Artica project began some 10 years ago and stemmed from ideas about how to improve the Open Source security solutions available at the time, which were difficult and often expensive to implement and maintain We developed a user-friendly Web interface, which allows computers specialists to harness the power of these Open Source solutions : Proxy Appliance: Web filtering with more than 31 millions categorized websites, Active Directory connection, Load balancing… Email Appliance: Webmail, shared calendar, contacts, connection with your smart phone… SMTP Appliance: Antivirus, antispam, additionnal routing, advanced routing… File sharing Appliance, Storage Appliance. Today, with around 60.000 servers installed worldwide, our solutions are as relevant to small and medium-sized entreprises as they are to the largest of firms. Our solutions provide an alternative to costly solutions on the one hand and free solutions on the other
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Christophe M.

Commercial - Channel ArticaTech

Hired 6y ago

Angélique A.

Directrice commerciale, Artica Tech

Hired 5y ago

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4 years

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