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Description of Les Editions Clément

French digital publishing house. Our flagship product is Doctor Ronald Virag's Ebook "Erection, the user's guide" which has been translated in 6 languages and available all around the world through all good digital libraries :  Itunes, Goole Play, Amazon Kindle, Lulu, Kobo Fnac Who is Ronald Virag ? Ronald Virag is a French surgeon, Research pioneer in the speciality of masculine sexuality and in particular of the erectile dysfunction. He revolutionized the research in erectile dysfunctions and their treatment by offering, as soon as 1982, an effective medical treatment which paved the way to each progress that occurred since, and among which the famous Viagra©. His immense experience at the same time clinical, experimental and bookish, is now made available to the public with this publication accessible to all.
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Rédactrice Correctrice Communicante Presse

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