Aurélien de Pierrefeu

Aurélien de Pierrefeu

Resp Business Développement, INTERSPORT Montagne

LYON, France

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His background

  • Today

    Business Development & Inbound Marketing

    +5000 employees

  • Today

    Project Leader INTERSPORT Rent

    +5000 employees

    - Piloting the site which has become the leader for on-line ski booking in France
    - Establishing a strategy for yield management which is unique to the industry
    - Coordinating commercial strategies via distribution channels: Tour operators, E-bookers, the brand's different websites, direct client contact
    - Educating shop managers about the new challenges of E-tourism; organising training sessions, appearing in seminars, on-site visits, etc.
    - Considerable committe work; thematic committes, International INTERSPORT Task Force, Professional Organisations, etc.
  • Today

    Regional Manager of the Mountain Network, INTERSPORT France

    +5000 employees

    - 170 shops in more than 120 resorts, selling and renting skis, 100 M€ Turnover
    - Targeted commercial advice and setting up individual progress contracts
    - Making surveys and business developing the INTERSPORT corporate name
    - Analysing projects (candidates, posts, financing and making estimates)
    - Organising special operations such as stock clearance before building work

    While carrying out these assignements, I was creating the site.
  • Today

    Business Developer


    - Making surveys and Business developing "the hard way"
    - Creating a network of more than 40 professional tourist partners (hotels, estate agents, tourist flats) within French ski resorts
  • Today

    Departmental manager

    +5000 employees

    - Training the teams (10 people on average)
    - Improving the business strategy in the shop and merchandising
    - Controlling turnover goals and product flow
  • Today

    End of studies project

    KESSEL FEINSTEIN, Johannesburg

    - feasibility study for opening the first hotel in Dobsonville (Soweto)
    - Application dossier for a Casino Licence for the Sun International promoter
  • , Birmingham

    Aston University

  • Grenoble Ecole de Management - ESC Grenoble - GGSB - EMSI

    Marketing des Services
  • Grenoble Ecole de Management ESC Grenoble GGSB EMSI

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His skills

  • Communication
  • Distribution
  • Ebusiness
  • Ecommerce
  • Etourisme
  • Marketing
  • Réseaux sociaux
  • Webmarketing

His languages

  • English

    His hobbies

    Junior French Snowboard Champion - Géant FFS 1993 Major personal contribution to non-governmental associations Improvised Theatre Private travel (Indonesian Islands)

    About him

    Digital Marketing Addict

    His activity on Viadeo

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    Olivier Bonin
    Nathalie Guidon
    Alejandro Cordero Ramirez
    Hugo Thouvenin

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