Directeur Associé chez Turningpoint & co-founder of Appreciative Inquiry France

PARIS, France

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His background

  • Today
    March 2016

    Directeur Associé - Senior Coach

    Notre mission
    Turningpoint est un cabinet international de coaching de dirigeants et de développement du Leadership.
    Dans un environnement flou et incertain, la capacité de progression et de transformation d'un dirigeant repose sur un développement en profondeur de son propre leadership.
    La mission de Turningpoint est de faire émerger le leadership personnel de chaque dirigeant, senior manager, et haut potentiel au service d'une vision impactante et de résultats concrets.

    Turningpoint intervient notamment lors des transitions à fort enjeu telles que des prises de poste, fusions-acquisitions et transformations majeures.

    L'équipe internationale des coachs de Turningpoint construit des programmes sur mesure, fondés sur la recherche en leadership et des pédagogies innovantes.
  • Today

    Managing Director - Consultant & coach


    Notre expertise : sustainable collecitive performance in a multicultural and international context.

    We have signed partnership with two international consulting organizations on top of our direct customers.

    Our interventions are in English and French. We can mobilize consultants for other languages.
  • Today

    International HR Program Manager

    This Business Group consolidates worldwide our industrial and commercial activities for the Automotive Business of Philips Lighting

    I am in charge of elaborating HR development programs which cover leadership development, change management and organizational development (e.g. : coaching upgrade program for our internal coaches, reorganization of our Aftermarket sector worldwide, change management program for our Polish organization, leadership program for our Brazilian unit…). These programs are elaborated for implementation within the different units with the support of local HRM.
    For this function, I report directly to the VP HR Manager of the Business Group.
  • Today
    Three main missions at Business Line Level (BL scope France + Poland) :

    a) Management Development for Poland and France : people review, talent identification, high and top potential recruitment : 35 Key positions holders, high potentials, expatriates (Dutch, Indian, German, Korean)
    b) Change management programme on the French organisation (600 people) : the aim is to change our industrial culture to a real industrial automotive culture with the automotive standards (Toyota or Valéo standards) : after having organised a visit to one of our main customer, I have started implementing this change using the methodology of our customer supported by the customer itself.. This process includes our 95 managers on the French site. Introduction of new decision making processes (sociocratie) and new style of management.
    c) Change management programme on the Polish organisation (350 people) : the aim of this project is to help the Polish organization to grow towards an OEM quality, (a more customer focused organization) and to lead changes in the leadership style.

    One mission at Business Group Level (worldwide scope) :

    Business Group Automotive Programme manager for coaching (internal and external) worldwide : France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Asia (Korea, China), LATAM (Brazil) : I am leading a coaching deployment programme for Key position holders and potentials on behalf of the Vice President HR of the Business Group. Senior managers should coach 60% of the target group.

    Act as a coach in international development centres for High and Top Potentials.
    Act as a coach in the organization for key positions holders.
  • Today

    Human Resources Manager

    This centre has a worldwide responsibility for the signalling and indoor automotive lighting for the Business Group Automotive. It employs 600 headcounts : 335 workers, 180 clerical workers, technicians and supervisory staff, 85 managers in various functions : development, product management/marketing, sales (Europe and worldwide), manufacturing, logistics, finance…

    Management of the HR discipline: industrial relations, staffing and resourcing, training, HR capabilities development (talent management, manpower planning) internal communication, safety (medical part).

    • Reorganisation of the HR department (from administrative driven to business driven department) (10 people and of which 4 managers)
    • Organization of the HR development approaches: introduction of tools for performance measurement, talent management, people development. Introduction of coaching processes in the organization. .
    • Participation in transversal and international working groups in collaboration with other HR BP of BGA (coaching project, manpower planning for the logistics population…)

    Coach in French development centre, and in « career path centre » within PHILIPS organization.
  • Today

    Human Resources Deputy Manager

  • Today

    Assistant to the Director of Training, Management Development, Internal Communication

    PHILIPS LIGHTING (Headquarters)

    Turnover : 800 millions Euros, 3 500 people in France, 7 industrial sites

    I was mainly in charge of building and follow up of the training plan for headquarters and the National Sales Organisation ; of the impat/expat administrative management ; and support and advices to the 7 industrial sites.
  • Today
    Sales Engineer for 3 French regions (Picardie: Somme, Aisne, Oise) : Turnover 3 Million euros

    I was in charge of the specification of our lighting solutions towards our customers
  • ESC Bretagne Brest


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His skills

  • Teambuilding
  • Team coaching
  • Développement organisationnel
  • Développement du leadership
  • Appreciative inquiery
  • Solution Focus
  • Coaching
  • Coach
  • Change Management
  • DRH
  • Leadership
  • Analyse transactionnelle

His languages

  • English

    His hobbies

    Painting photography

    His keywords

    Change ManagementsociocratieTransactional analysisHRMCoachCoachingBrain preferencesManagerial & Behavioral diagnosis (Predom)HRDsociocratieTransactional AnalysisCTSystemicLeadershipManagement TrainingAppreciatve InquiryMBTI

    About him

    I am consultant and coach specialised in sustainable collective performance.

    My expertise is based on 19 years of HR experience in a multinational, having hold many different HR positions both functional and operational, in France and internationnally.

    Certified in 2003 as a Professional Business Coach (Transformance), I have coached individuals, teams and organizations about their collective performance through changes and transitions.

    Certiied Professional Coach in 2003 (Transformance)
    Transactional Analysis (AT1, AT2, AT3 didactique) ATORG
    Cerfified in Appreciative Inquiry
    Certified in TMS
    MBTI Certified practioner (level 1)
    Cerfified in Managerial and Behavioral diagnosis (PREDOM)
    Human Element Schutz (Phase 1) (Monique SELLES)
    Systemic Approach (JA Malarewicz)

    His activity on Viadeo

    Recent contacts
    Gabriel LEFEVRE
    Philippe DARBOIS
    • Premium Communication : Agence de Conférenciers et Journalistes Animateurs
    Denis Schneider

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