Eric Marzari

Eric Marzari

Responsable terminaux mobiles, NRJ Mobile (groupe Crédit Mutuel-CIC)

Paris, France

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His background

  • Today
    January 2013

    Responsable terminaux mobiles

    NRJ Mobile (groupe Crédit Mutuel-CIC)

  • , Fontainebleau


    Management Acceleration Program
  • Today
    December 2012
    April 2010

    Technical Account Manager

    +5000 employees

    Technical single point of contact and project manager (in charge of the go-to-market of new mobile devices) to French mobile network operators (MNO's/MVNO's) and retailers, from quarterly purchasing campaigns at MNO's to product mass production and shipment from Korea/China;

    ► Main tasks include:

    • being responsible for product quality and Time To Market, with a strong focus on compliancy to customer's requirements (software customization, product look and feel, device+unit box compliancy with local safety regulations, POS/ATL marketing material conformity with actual product capabilities...);

    • supporting product, technology, and service roadmap meetings at operators, to foster ranging of LGE products and adoption of technologies promoted by LGE;

    • interacting/supporting on a daily basis Sales, Product Marketing, Channel Marketing, Program Management, R&D, Quality, Supply Chain Management, After sales and Legal teams at LGE for pre- and post-launch operations;

    • Product demonstration and promotion (to bloggers & journalists) at press events, supporting PR team;

    • answering operators' technology and services RFI's;

    • serving as a Local Subject Matter Expert at LGE France for such topics as Google Android OS, NFC, RCS...
  • Today

    Technical Account Manager - Network Carriers

    Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT EU)

    Served as a technical PoC to the Top3 French Mobile Network Operators for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT EU).

    ► Main tasks included:

    • Project management and technical remote+onsite support of platform certifications, in cooperation with Orange Group Devices entity and FT R&D labs.

    • Onsite support (log collection and analysis) for blocking issues during QCT-OEM's product SQA at French operators;

    • Project management and remote/onsite support for trialing such technologies as UMA GAN, VoIP, AMR WB ... ;

    • Cooperation with QoS PoC's at MNO's for ensuring adequate voice QoS metrics reporting and feeding back sensible analysis & suggestions for quick wins to address Call Setup Failures/Call Drops;

    • Supporting QCT EU Technical Marketing for answering QCT platform technology RFI's /Statements of Compliancy.

    ► key achievements & figures:

    • timely comprehensive certification of 3 new QCT chips, benefiting both Orange (shorter product TTM & less validation OPEX) and OEMs embedding these QCT-chips (shorter product TTM & fewer SQA support m.d.)
  • Today

    Qualification&Acceptance lab + bid manager

    +5000 employees

    Served as the 2G/3G/HSPA Network/Terminal validation manager at SFR 'Prolog' qualification lab.

    ►Main tasks included:

    • daily team management of 5 to 13 contract engineers;
    • recruiting and training of new Q&A contract engineers;
    • participating into yearly bid negotiations with SFR (SLA, pricing ...) on behalf of my contracting company;
    • serving as the SFR PoC to several technology suppliers (Agilent, Tektronix, ...) and network vendors (ALU, NSN) for
    purchasing new testing equipment and limiting the interoperability risks when performing RAN upgrades;
    • participating into workshops with Vodafone Global (as an SFR spokesperson) to align SFR/Vodafone qualification strategy for new technologies (e.g. UMTS900, AGPS...);
    • driving the optimization of device testing to ensure the proper technical risk mitigation while keeping products TTM's and cutting testing cost;
    • adapting the team (headcount, expertise) as a function of the forecast activity (regular testing, issues investigation, support of network team activities, participation into end-to-end trials ...);
    • managing and allocating testing resources (m²+testing equipments) as well as securing additional resources from SFR lab facility manager/drafting mutualization scenarios.

    ►key achievements & figures:

    • managed 5 to 13 contract engineers and 3G experts;
    • increased the annual gross turnover by 160% YoY to 900k€ during the 1st year (2007);
    • drafted and executed the optimization of the validation strategy to enable iso−cost (OPEX+CAPEX) integration of a 3rd network vendor;
    • managed ~150m² of testing lab and testing equipment worth ~250k€;
    • brought the annual gross yearly turnover up to 1M€+ at the end of 2008 and paved the way (answered the SFR RFP for UTRAN validation) to its further increase to 1.3 M€ (2009) .
  • Today

    3G+ terminal/network Qualification & Acceptance expert

    +5000 employees

    Served as a mobile device qualification Expert in SFR's validation lab.

    ► Main tasks included:

    • writing test cases for new 3G/3G+ radio features + adapting the existing validation scope to new network vendors/new SFR network setting strategy (e.g. R5/R99 mobility procedures);
    • participating into/leading Vodafone Global feature teams in charge of writing handset-related protocol test plans for new RAN feature (e.g. HSUPA, UMTS900 ...)
    • analyzing logs on both terminal (on the Uu interface) and network side (on the Iub) for debugging issues;
    • providing technical advice to SFR's project leaders for helping them optimize issue tracking/fixing processes with mobile device manufacturers/OEMs;
    • investigating major issues with phone manufacturers during joint test sessions;
    • training new qualification engineers.

    ► key achievements & figures:

    • drafted and executed the complete rewriting of SFR 3G terminal protocol qualification strategy to ensure better risk management and improved testing efficiency;
    • trained 3 new qualification engineers;
    • participated in SFR's HSDPA 3.6 Mbps public launch /PR event in Paris (2006)
  • Today

    3G device interoperability testing (IOT) engineer

    Motorola MDB (Mobile devices)

    Served as an IOT (Inter Operability Testing) Engineer in charge of field testing of 3G prototype phones across Europe

    ► Main tasks included:

    • setting up and executing "field testing" campaigns across EU live mobile operator networks;
    • analyzing issues found, based on handset logs captured on AS (PHY, MAC, RLC, RRC) and NAS (CC, MM, SM …) layers of the 3GPP protocol stack via Motorola proprietary analysis tool (RTA);
    • raising issues through ClearDDTS change request management tool and tracking their resolution/following-up for further investigation with R&D (US/India);
    • training new IOT testers;
    • daily reporting ongoing testing progress/critical issues to R&D/Program management;
    • investigating critical issues during onsite field and/or lab joint test sessions with customer operators (e.g. Orange France, Orange UK, Amena).

    ► key achievements & figures:

    • involved in the launch of flagship devices targeting the newly created "Freemove Alliance" (Orange, TIM, Telefonica, T-Mobile) across Europe → 3 devices were granted TA (Technical Acceptance) by Orange;
    • performed field testing against the life networks of the operators TIM (Turin - 3 months), Orange France (Paris, Lyon - 4 months), Orange UK (Bristol - 2 months) and Amena (Madrid, Seville - 4 months);
    • autonomously set up and executed the testing campaigns in Bristol, UK (logistics, testing routes, PoC of Orange UK ...);
    • trained 3 junior IOT engineers.
  • Chalmers Tekniska Högskola

    Antenna and Microwave
    Master Thesis at the Antenna and Microwave Dept
  • Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs En Electronique et Electrotechnique

    ST (Traitement du Signal et Télécoms)
  • Universität Karlsruhe (TH)

    Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik - ENTREE = European Network for Training and Research in Electrical Engineering

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His skills

  • Account Management
  • Gestion de projet
  • International
  • LTE
  • Management d'équipes
  • NFC
  • Program management
  • Téléphonie mobile
  • Wireless

His languages

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish

    His hobbies

    foreign languages and cultures private equity funding (business angel) football (as in "soccer" :) ) networking

    About him

    - 7 years of experience in the wireless industry, both at mobile network operators (SFR, Vodafone group) and major technology providers (Motorola, Qualcomm, LG), focusing on mobile devices quality and TTM within large international/multicultural local and remote teams;

    - Daily cooperation with sales and product marketing teams for supporting products sell-in at operators/retailers;

    - Experience as a team manager (up to 13 engineers), in charge of a consulting contract for SFR worth a yearly 1M€+ gross turnover, with daily interaction with network/mobile phone technology suppliers for cost+TTM control and technical risk mitigation;

    > > > Seeking new challenges in product marketing/presales/business development at a leading international technology/service provider, leveraging my technical background and experience in customer facing to deliver innovative products.

    His activity on Viadeo

    Recent contacts
    Youssef D.
    Amir Erfani
    • Ingénieur Optimisation RAN, Bouygues Telecom
    Investessor Les Angels de Paris - Île-de-France
    Abdessamad Nacih
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