Guillaume Dubreuil

Guillaume Dubreuil

VP Sales, Airbus Group

Marseille, France

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His background

  • Today
    January 2017

    VP Sales

    +5000 employees

    VP ventes sur la zone Asie du Sud Est
  • Today
    December 2016
    January 2015

    Sales Director

    +5000 employees

    I develop and implement an Airbus Helicopters Sales Strategy for Singapore and surrounding countries ensuring that aircraft sales as well as the full range of services are exhaustively promoted to all customers in this area.
  • Today
    December 2014
    January 2012

    Corporate Secretary

    +5000 employees

    Assisting the Executive Vice President Industry & Procurement of Airbus Helicopters in his day-to-day business operations. I interact regularly with Senior Vice-Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Industry and act as a focal point for the other directorates throughout the company.
    I prepare the meetings, follow-up the actions and ensure that the decisions, the objectives and the vision are respected. I can also be named the leader, or included in a team for specific projects and tasks.
  • Today
    December 2011
    January 2006

    Sales Manager

    Eurocopter Mexico - EADS

    Annual Revenue: 200M$ / year – Headcount: 250 employees
    Sales Manager for South America, Central America and the Caribbean. In charge of Commercial and Governmental Sales in a zone where a good understanding of the geopolitical situation is mandatory. Ensuring my customers are satisfied, coordinating and managing my team, generating new prospects,
    establishing sales strategies and negotiating contracts are my main responsibilities. We must maintain a strong and permanent relation with the customers in order to anticipate their needs and attend them with commercial proposals, logistic and technical issues, training and warranties.
    Bookings in 2011: 200 M$.
  • Masters degree in Management
    Professional Diploma that emphasises the practical aspects of a manager's development, encouraging critical, clear and innovative thinking about 'good' and 'best' practice.
  • Today
    December 2005
    June 2004

    Sales Coordinator

    Eurocopter (Australie) - EADS

    Annual Revenue: 300M€ / year – Headcount: 600 employees
    I am accountable for the analysis and the follow up of the Australasian market, the organization of marketing actions with the aim of finding new prospects, the replies to parapublic tenders and the relations with the press. The organization of the Avalon Airshow for Eurocopter is also part of my duties.
  • Today
    June 2004
    September 2003

    Project Manager

    +5000 employees

    10 months of internship where I have studied the Honey Comb Materials and validated the principle of the Helmholtz Resonator on the entire plane’s turbo reactor.
  • Mécanique - Aéronautique

    Engineer in Aeronautics
    Leading higher institution for mechanical engineering with a specialisation in aeronautical engineering.
  • Today
    September 2003
    June 2003

    Assistant Engineer

    Eurocopter Training Services / HELISIM

    3 months of internship as an Assistant Engineer, in charge of the designation level D of Eurocopter’s Full Flight Simulators (Super-Puma MK1, MK2 and Dauphin N2).
  • DTU (Technical University of Denmark)

    Semester of expertise
    Subjects: Environment, Renewable Energies, Mechanical Design

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His skills

  • Aéronautique
  • Management
  • Vente

His languages

  • English
    ****Mother tongue
  • French
    ****Mother tongue
  • Spanish
  • Italian

    His hobbies

    Apprentice helicopter pilot Water-polo (player and national referee) Squash Cinema Theatre Travels: Canada (2 years) Australia (1.5 year) Mexico (6 years) Denmark (6 months) NZ USA Europe Thailand South America and Caribbean's...

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    Aileen Gillan
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    • CEO/Executive Director, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
    Naomie Nevena

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