Ingrid Aymé

Ingrid Aymé


St Zacharie, France
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Her background

  • Msas management médico-social

    Master 2
  • Today

    Director of human resources

    From February 2003 to July 2008, I was Director of Personnel in an Association of Home Help in Toulon 292 employees (including 7 administrative frameworks and 3):

    Personnel management

    - Mediation between the officers and employees
    - Management of absences, holidays, sickness, and various AT
    - Management additions IJss by GAN
    - Interviews, Monitoring staff, Sanctions / Litigation
    - Occupational medicine monitoring medical visits: recruitment, annual occasions after stops
    - Tracking data
    - Training Manager of the speaker (s)
    - Employee recruitment / Intern
    - Selection and preparation of employment contracts CSD or CDI with or without government assistance


    * Management Service :

    - Preparation of payroll
    - Management Benefits (URSSAF / ASSEDIC, pensions, DDTE, Training, 1% construction ,...)
    - Billing council "APA"
    - Monitoring and management of loans, subscriptions of BUS
    - Monitoring and management of grants related to assisted contracts
    - Training: Mounting kits care training and monitoring of care - (repayments / Grants)
    - Meeting: Developing Employees - new Directives - Follow-up with management
    - Representation of the association: Juris Deaver, various social agencies

    *Regulations :

    - Application of new decrees, laws: Changing the contribution rate, updating the salary scale, the . eve of the collective agreement and labor law
    - Health, Safety and Working Conditions: Draw up a list of risks, actions and risk management (improvement, development of solution), together with the Occupational Medicine

    *Statistics :

    - Monitoring of turnover (by sector and by reason (CSD, layoffs, ...)
    - Monitoring absences and reasons
  • Medicaux social

    Master 1 "pmg"
    Perfectionnement en management et medicaux social
  • droit du travail (paie/juridique)
    Licence Professionnelle - Maintenant que j'ai ma licence, je prépare un Master pour l'entreprise que je viens de créer,nouveau départ, nouveau Moi.
  • Today

    Assistant accountant specializing in the management of social legislation

    Society of expertise Accounting and Auditing

    2000 - 2005 Society of expertise Accounting and Auditing "Sarl Auditex" in La Valette du Var. Mr. Rault Jean-Michel Chartered Accountant tel. : + 336 15 88 80 55
    Assistant accountant specializing in the management of social legislation. Portfolio 80 files, 210 employees over management for billing customers of the firm.

    1998-1999 Society of Chartered Accounting and Auditing "Sarl Faex advice" in SANARY. Assistant accounting management law in CSD.

    1997-1998 Society of Chartered Accounting and Auditing "Sarl SECP at La Motte. Assistant accounting management law in CSD

    1993-1996 Society of Chartered Accounting Society Socol VAR "in six-fours. Assistant accountant specializing in the management of social legislation. Portfolio 60 customers and 280 employees.

    1984 -1990 Office of Expertise "word" to TOULON.Assistante accountant specializing in the management of social legislation. Portfolio 30 customers and 80 employees.

    My experience in these accounting firm and Audit:

    - Seizure and calculating payroll and other payroll taxes monthly, quarterly and annual
    - Declarations of hiring a new employee.
    - Drafting of contracts CSD or CDI with or without government relief.
    - Drafting of various warnings with or without layoffs
    - Redundancy or individual.
    - Monitoring disputes with social agencies or employees.
    - Editors of various documents disease, AT, weather, taking down, and so on.
    - Calculating the tax learning, training, construction and DADS.
    - Knowledge and watch the various agreements and updates the new laws.
    - Preparation and assistance during inspections or URSSAF CICPV
    - Reception or travel customers.

    For some customers: Seizure and held newspapers purchases, sales and cash.
  • Lycée Dumont d'Urville

    G2 Comtabilité

Her skills

  • Aide à la personne
  • Relationnel
  • Recrutements
  • Recruitment Management
  • Recruitment
  • Paie
  • Management
  • Ecoute
  • Droit social
  • Droit
  • Conseil
  • Communication
  • Teamwork

Her hobbies

Archery Literature Music Movies Travel

Her keywords

DRHhuman qualitiesdialoguerecruitmentmanagementsociallegislationAdviseteamwork

About her

I shall, if by chance I started as an assistant specializing in social management 20 years ago in an accounting firm that has me appreciate my job, I would say now that it was no coincidence but my voice.
This allowed me to address a very diverse clientele, not always easy, but when we discover the complexity of labor law, we can understand them. These customers expect you one thing, if it is to listen and we are advising.

Then my 5 years of experience as Director of Personnel in a Aid Association to the person (300 employees) I confirmed my interest in human resources, so it is diverse (social, legal, recruitment , Strategy, ...).

Resume my studies to acquire the license and then a Master II, for some it seem somewhat redundant in view of my career.

In this case I say: it is important for me to validate my experience is a logical, and there was always something new to learn, as training in English (because when I go back on holiday in Prague or will be in Munich for a real exchange). The English it is not the international language to communicate and especially for the job.

So if you are a dynamic wishing you press a collaborator who can be rapidly operational, confidence, serious, with the meaning of the result of communication and I'm available.
To thank you for taking the time to read through and see you soon.

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