Isabelle Damour

Isabelle Damour

Gestion de Systèmes de Management de la Qualité & auditrice interne

Sainte genevieve des bois, France

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Her background

  • Today
    August 2010

    Quality assistant in GLP facility test site (Bertin Pharma / LEMM, CRO)

    Bertin pharma (Installation d'Essai : CEA / LEMM)

    My missions:
    - Maintain and improve the Quality system compliant with GLP (OCDE and french regulatory)
    - Setting up a Quality system compliant GMP
    - Steering in progress of an ISO9001 certification project (one department constitued of 2 laboratories and 4 differents society)
    - Audits: GLP studies and quality system
  • Today

    Supply production - assistant

    Resipoly (avril-juillet)

    in charge of raw materials supply (industry of synthetic resin)
  • Today

    Technicienne contrôle-qualité et R&D

    Mandar (avril-juin)

    - Setting up of a protocol to use antioxydants on fresh cutted fruits
    - Release of raw materials, follow up of aging process, microbiology at shelf-life
  • Today

    Lab Technician R&D senior

    +5000 employees

    During 15months:
    - Creation of formulation, taking account strategic constraint, in direct link with marketing : proposal of functional ingredients, flavour, sweetness perception
    - Production rules formalization : taking account of factory's process, writing of fabrication procedure, complete technical documentation, create and follow shelf-life study
    - Coordination of project in cooperation with suppliers: Define study request with technical constraints, in correlation with consumer insight, discuss results with relevant stakeholders (suppliers, R&D team, marketing, market)

    Realizations :
    Strong involvement for beverages'launch in different markets : Nestlé Pureza Vital for all family (Mexique); Nestlé Véra Fitness fibre active for women (Italy) ; Nestlé Pureza Vital calcium fortified for kids (Argentine & Mexique).
  • Today

    Assistante of Lab responsable


    - Management for 4 persons, Training of production-operator for some control-quality realizing by themselves
    - Management of lab subcontracting (metrology, analyse with externe lab), management of equipment & supplies
    - Recipes validation (>100formulae) and schedule of specifications, release of conform batches
    - Tasting panel member for R&D
    - Analyses physico-chemical, HPLC, GC, Infra-analysor)

    Realisations :
    -Analytical Developement(HPLC, CPG)
    -Definition and writing of lab procedures and control-quality plans
    -Member of teams : H.A.C.C.P, I.F.S (a kind of BRC French version), internal auditor processus & hygiene
  • Today

    Technicienne de laboratoire : contrôle qualité et développement

    Divers CDD: Nestlé France, Bongrain, Sias, ISHA

    Technologies utilisées :
    -CPG espace de tête dynamique et statique,
    -Kjeldahl, Leco.

    - Développement de méthodes pour la caractérisation d’arômes complexes.
    - Analyses nutritionnelles (protéines, acides gras, glucides, fibres,nitrate, iode), rhéologiques, microbiologiques
    - Choix, achat et mise en place d’un analyseur d’azote Leco..
  • Industrie Alimentaire et Biologique
  • Lycée Geoffroy StHilaire

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Her skills

  • Développement produit
  • Agroalimentaire
  • Qualité

Her languages

  • English

    Her hobbies

    Cooking fantasy & sci-fi stories

    About her

    Dear all,

    Short presentation of myself:
    I'm 36 years old, have 2 children, a degree of 2 years in technologist university "Genius in Biology" and around 15 years of experience.

    Quality control, R&D product, R&D Analytical, quality assurance (french version of BRC and regulatory GLP) ...
    these are the 4 components of my 'work life' on different food matrices & in various structures from SMEs to multinationals, from factory to R&D cell of global headquarters.

    I'm working now in facility test site according to GLP as quality assistant (studies & test site audits) since August 2010.

    Reactivity, flexibility, efficiency, accuracy ...
    These are the qualities I wanted to carry in my next position.

    Samples of my analytical skills:
    - QA :GLP, analyse compliant to GMP, ISO9001 v2008
    - Physical-chemistry, microbiology
    - Analysis by GC, HPLC, ICP-MS,FT-IR
    - Analysis UV and infra-red

    So you know now a bit more about me, don't hesitate to tell more about you...

    Have a nice day

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    Marion Salaville
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    FTTH FTTx Solutions
    Jérôme DUPONT
    • Qualiticien secteurs des services : ISO 9001, CERTITRAD, EN 15038,...

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