Senior Financial controller, IBM

Paris, France

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His background

  • Executive Management and Business Administration

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    September 2010

    Senior Financial controller

    +5000 employees

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    December 2014
    November 2013

    Responsable budgétaire

    +5000 employees

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    August 2010


    +5000 employees

    Pricing is a key role in finance, aimed at supporting the sales force in large projects/contracts negotiation through the preparation of detailed business cases, including advisory on recommended prices, analysis of the competition and the market, recommendation on the best products and support in the general pricing and negotiation tactics.

    Working with Legal, Procurement, Accountants, HR, engineers, Sales, etc the role of a pricer implies to be a good team work player. The Pricer is the finance responsible of IT outsourcing projects which implies high demand on accuracy, attention to detail and deadline, business owners influence ability.

    My principal responsibilities are:

    * Creation of financial project model simulation (P&L, cash flows analysis, etc), Price analysis & forward costing proposals and scenarios.

    * Customer facing support / sales coaching on pricing strategy/tactics, bidding techniques balances Risk / Reward to deliver sustainable, profitable growth, influence with strong participation in bid kick off meetings.

    * Assist in strategic Bid Pricing and drive creative and innovative pricing solutions and strategies with quality qualification using source documentation and interaction with sales teams

    * Structure business via balancing T&Cs, financing, risk assessment, pricing, product options, and supply update to ensure BID commercial content supports winning strategy, is in line with IBM strategic goals and improves customer satisfaction.

    * Conduct first line Risk assessment and T&C's Review. Assess Structure of the deal e. g. leasing/partners and ensure non standard terms and/or structure are recorded and priced.

    * Communicate Revenue Recognition and Loss Making Deal implications to channel controllers and educate sales as to their impact

    * Responsible for instigation of creative, pricing activities to drive key financial metrics.
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    Groupe Baglioni hôtels

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    Financial Analyst ( IBM Co-ops)

    +5000 employees

    - Created and managed a financial plan per competency/country (EMEA Project)

    - Audited the Spending structure per country (Income Statement)

    - Analyzed financial cost and forecasted revenues, cost and targets per country

    - Followed Investement valuation (Capex)
  • IAE Aix Graduate School of Management

    Management Financier International
  • North Carolina State University

    Corporate Finance and Financial Markets
  • Sciences Economiques et de Gestion des entreprises "Economie Internationale"
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    CVG Electrificación del Caroní, C.A (CVG EDELCA) est la deuxième entreprise hydroélectrique au monde.

    - Développement des compétences dans la gestion des projets (financière, méthodologiques, en communication, etc.).

    - Apprentissage et mise en place des outils et techniques du project management institute (Réduction potentielle de coûts 60%) au niveau corporatif.

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His skills

  • Gestion

About him

I’m a team player with a high level of energy and motivation.

* French, English and Spanish fluency

* Ability to negotiate and to work in teams

* Capacity to work under pressure

* Manage Priorities

* High Analytical Skills and detail oriented

* Good Communication - Excellent written and oral communication skills in required languages.

* Capacity to learn quickly

* Flexible, adaptable to change, a real team player

* Enthusiastic, forward thinking, self motivated individual

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