Julien Hering

Julien Hering

Président de startup Tree of Science, Docteur en neurosciences

Strasbourg, France

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His background

  • Today
    March 2012

    CEO & founder

    1-5 employees

    CEO & Founder of Tree of Science (www.treeofscience.com), PhD in neuroscience with 10 years experience in research and academic teaching.
    Tree of Science provides online services of training, consulting, and coaching in digital research tools and scientific networks (science 2,0), professional and scientific networking, digital strategy, open science and science crowdfunding for all researchers (from PhD students, academic PhDs to R&D researchers) and research organizations. Let's improve together your career in research and your skills!
  • Today
    July 2008


    Collectif PAPERA

    Co-fondateur (2008) du collectif PAPERA (lien ci-contre).
    - Soutien aux doctorants, docteurs, et autres contractuels de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (ESR) en France
    - Lobbying pour l'amélioration des conditions des doctorants et docteurs contractuels, valorisation du doctorat et reconnaissance comme expérience professionnelle. Actions auprès du ministère (reçu en février 2009), de présidents d'universités, de la Conférence des Présidents d'Universités, d'autres associations, ...
    - Informations, analyses et critiques sur l'ESR en France et ailleurs (politiques d'ESR, doctorat, contratuels, ...)
    Compétences développées :
    - formations et les politiques doctorales, système d'enseignement supérieur et de recherche français (et international), médiation de conflits,
    - Création et animation d'une communauté : réunions, conférences/débats, diffusion massive d'informations, site internet, réseaux sociaux, veille.
    - Création site web (SPIP), administration de site internet (webmastering), édition et rédaction de contenu web, communication web (réseaux sociaux, pétitions, tracts, affiches, ...)
  • Today
    March 2012
    May 2009

    Consultant - Specialist in electrophysiology and ion channels

    - Expertise in electrophysiology and ion channels (Pharmacology, structure/function, physiology, biology).
    - Up to date awareness of the state-of-the-art theories, scientific knowledge, technological developments, and competitive aspects in electrophysiology and ion channels.

    Looking for consulting and new opportunities of scientific researches.
  • Today

    Teaching assistant and junior lecturer

    Academic teaching from PBL to lecture courses for student up to the post-graduate level in universities and medical schools (UPMC, UVSQ, Pharmacology university Paris XI, University Paris XIII-Medical School)

    Neurophysiology, Physiology, neurophysiology and biophysics of audition, sensory systems (with Memory/plasticity and sleep), structure/function of ion channels.
  • Today

    Principal scientist - Project Leader

    301-500 employees

    Researcher in the European research network NeuroKCNQpathies (corresponding scientist).

    Development of an innovating research project: electrophysiological study of the encoding process of sound by primary auditory neurons on adult animals. Design and build of a specific setup (technical engineering of micromechanical, electronically and optical elements) combining electrophysiology, measurement with laser vibrometer, fluorescent imagery and real-time analysis. The study is performed in physiological conditions.
    - Tissue preparation very stable during time that is critical to perform complex studies combining different approaches (electrophysiology, pharmacology, mechanic);
    - Design and experimental use of an innovating setup combining electrophysiology, fluorescent and IR imagery, laser vibrometer, and piezomechanical stimulation;
    - Experiments performed on up to 5-6 months rats (or mice) (study on adult animals let the interesting opportunity to work on presbyacousy);
    - Recordings of sensory hair cells and single fibers of the auditory nerve.
  • Today
    Study of calcium channels activity on cerebellum slices from wild-type and E-type calcium channel mutant mice. Approaches: electrophysiology and pharmacology.
  • Today
    Study of T-type calcium channels using electrophysiology, biophysics, and physiology. Work performed in the Laboratory of molecular and cellular neurobiology (École Normale Supérieure, Paris). PhD Advisor: Pr. Philippe Ascher.
    Design of experimental protocols, data analysis, modelisation, spreading of the results (publications, conferences, thesis manuscript). Results applied to a physiological model, the cerebellum: models, pharmacology and physiology.
  • Doctorat en Neurosciences

  • Today

    Research associate

    +10,000 employees

    Studies included in the PhD work.
  • Today

    Invited researcher

    I have designed and proposed a small research project that was selected to be developed in a host laboratory (Pr. Masao Ito).
    Objectives: design of a cell culture of neurones from explants of deep cerebellar nuclei and development of a new pharmacological approach (using neuroleptics) to study calcium channels expressed in theses neurones.
  • Today


    Faunistic survey in a "Natura 2000" classified area for the benefit of a governemental administration (ONF, National Forests Organism). Report with propositions about an environmental management of the area.
  • DEA Neurosciences

  • Today


    Zoological museum of Strasbourg

  • maîtrise de biologie cellulaire et physiologie option neurosciences

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His skills

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His languages

  • English
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  • Portuguese

    His hobbies

    Research sciences history of sciences philosophy zoology entomology ecology environnement coocking chinese calligraphy and painting baseball tennis hiking skiing webmastering web 2.0 networking science blogging web 2.0

    His keywords

    neuroscienceelectrophysiologyionic channelsbiophysicpharmacologycell culturetransfectionbrain slicesfluorescent imageryproject managementweb 2.0doctoratnetworkingscience 2.0e-learningprofessional social networksscientific social networksPhD careerR&Dblended-learningpersonal brandingportfolioonline traininge-reputation

    About him

    CEO & founder of Tree of Science, PhD in neuroscience with 10 years experience in research and academic teaching – Training, consulting, coaching in digital research tools and scientific networks (science 2,0), professional networking, digital strategy for all researchers (from PhD students, academic PhDs to R&D researchers) and research organizations

    PhD in Neuroscience, I have developed and managed several basic research projects in the field of neuroscience (ion channels, cerebellum, epilepsy, pharmacology...). My experimental approaches were using electrophysiology, pharmacology, cellular and molecular biology, cell culture, biophysics, imaging and microscopy. I have developed my own projects and also in collaboration with international teams, for instance within an European consortium of eight academic and private laboratories. My career of researcher in great laboratories (Ecole Normale Superieure, Institut Pasteur, Riken BSI) give me the opportunity to get solid technical and theoretical experience and strong skills in projects management. I have been teaching in universities for ten years. 

    I have also co-founded "Collectif PAPERA" in 2008 in order to provide supports, advice and information to PhD students, PhDs and other casual workers in Higher Education and pubic research in France. One of the aims of PAPERA is to increase the consideration of PhDs in France. I have than built an expertise in PhD programs, doctoral policies, in Higher Education and Research at French and international level. I have create and animated a community around this topic with meetings, conferences, news and articles delivering through a website and social media.

    These extensive professional experiences of researcher, academic teacher, non-profit organization give me the unique opportunity to distinguish that academic and R&D researchers need to enter in the new era of Research 2.0 to improve work efficiency, collaborative work skills, networking, personal branding, communication, online presence, professional mobility, and technology transfer.

    I've founded Tree of Science, a company that offers advice, training, and coaching for all researchers (from PhD students, academic PhDs to R&D researchers) to be the “Next scientists”. Consulting about digital research and digital strategy is also providing to research organization (academic and R&D laboratories, universities, research institutes, R&D departments). Training and coaching are delivered through an online platform (blended learning and social learning). Let's work together to improve your scientific career!

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