Kevin Hayden

Kevin Hayden

Photojournalist, Trainer, professeur, photographe independent Paris,

Paris, France

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His background

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    May 2005


    See2be Photography
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    May 2004

    Photographe de Mariage et Portrait

    Kevin Hayden Photographie

    Having spent most of my life in the hospitality industry, the move into full time professional photography has been made easier with the years of customer related business. I have bought, sold and developed property, I have managed/owned a large taxi fleet. Looking after regular clients and looking out for new ones, managing staff and recruiting and training were a weekly activity for me.
    Since moving to Paris in 2004 and concentrating on full time photography things have gone from strength to strength, and my client base continues to grow at a satisfying rate annually. Last year I decided to turn my attention back to the joyous experience of wedding photography, and what fun and privilige it is! Already for 2012 I have engagements on both sides of the Atlantic, and I look forward to the adventures of wedding photography once more with enthusiasm!
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    Kevin Hayden Photographie

  • John F Kennedy


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His skills

  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Photojournalisme

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  • English
  • French

    His hobbies

    Travel cooking and eating biking thru forests talking avoiding tv and papers saving the planet

    About him

    Photo tours in Ireland, Normandy and Champagne have been a great success. My happy clients have gone back home with new portfolios of fine art images, and new inspiration. I'm still hoping to get publicity for "My Week in a Refugee Camp" story. If you are a *journalist* and think you can help get this story out please contact me! My last visit to Asia was both wonderful and sad. Myanmar was wonderful! I visited my old friends, and some new friends in the Delta region that was devastated by a hurricane in 2008. After Myanmar I headed back to Bangkok and took a bus North to the Burmese refugee camps at Maela on the Thai/Burmese border. My friends and their family live there with about 120,000 other disenfranchised Burmese. The camp was shocking! I intend to highlight the abuse and corruption of this refugee camp, and the UNCHR!
    If you can help please email me!
    My blog
    I've been in Paris since 2004 and it has been a wonderful journey.
    My life as a photographer has been a real adventure, and so much fun. Today I have clients in every corner of the world who have become very close friends.
    In Paris I cover all types of work. Recently I covered the Facebook convention for France televisions, I documented a week of visiting VIP's from New Zealand, the Good Egg environmental awards in the Eiffel tower, set photographer on "Gazzara" a film in New York city which premiered in Locarno film festival August 2012 and then Deauville film festival.
    I also give guided photographic tours around Paris. I have selected routes, but also make custom routes that suit my clients needs.

    Everyday brings something new to keep it fresh and interesting.
    I also travel extensively and I have a large portfolio of travel stock photography from Europe and Asia.
    So if you need anything done photographically feel free to contact me.
    Thank you for looking.


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