Laura Alarcon

Laura Alarcon

International Trade Purchaser & Analyst - MBA ENPC Paris Tech

Neulli Sur Seine, France

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Her background

  • Today
    January 2013

    MBA Professional Project


    MBA Professional Project: Benchmarking B2C mobile applications for the wines & spirit portfolio.

    Mission: Researching and analyzing the current mobile application developments and uses with digital devices (mobiles and tablets) for the Commercial Department of Moët Hennessy Wines & Spirits’ portfolio through the identification of key practices and future improvements to contribute with the portfolio’s strategy in B2C and B2B mobile application initiatives.

    •Moët Hennessy Brand Portfolio analysis
    •External research: Wines & Spirits industry and Competitors
    •Quantitative & Qualitative analysis
    •Conclusions & Strategic Recommendations
  • International Business
  • Today
    August 2012
    August 2010

    International Trade Purchaser

    +5000 employees

    Portfolio: Raw materials, Spare parts, CAPEX purchases and Services

    •Managed a budget of USD 15 millions, achieving cost savings between 2%-5%
    •Responsible for Import-Export operations of Glass Bottles
    •Category leader of glass mould and spares parts purchases
    •Managed Import operations for industrial equipments and spare parts
    •Responsible for strategic negotiations with key suppliers
    •Achieved supplier panel developments and audits
    •Implemented and followed-up KPIs in coordination with the HQ in France
    •Member of the KPI Development International Committee for Verallia Business Units
    •Achieved suppliers database analysis for the evaluation of purchasing strategies
    •Established monthly purchasing reports for the HQ in France
    •Managed annual purchasing budgets with the Financial Department
    •Developed procedures and guidelines with Industrial sectors to improve international quality purchasing standards (ISO 9001-2008)
  • Today
    June 2010
    June 2008


    +5000 employees

    Portfolio: General Purchases and Contracts

    •Managed a budget of USD 7 millions achieving cost savings around 2%
    •Tender analysis and managed local purchases and services contracts
    •Responsible for supplier performance evaluations, non-conformities and internal customer claims
    •Preparation of purchasing monthly reports and followed-up KIPs
    •Achieved quality process documents updates for the sector in line with the ISO standard (external audits)

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Her skills

  • Adaptability to International Environment
  • Analytical thinking, organizing & planning
  • Corporate Business Relashionships
  • Creative thinking
  • Cross Functional Team player
  • Proactive & Improvement Oriented
  • Entrepreneurship

Her languages

  • Spanish
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • French

    Her hobbies

    Travelling and Outdoor activities MusicSportsWine Culture & Discovery

    About her

    MBA in International Business at ENPC Paris Tech - Graduated in June 2013 - Paris, France.

    Strong professional orientation for business analysis in Purchasing field pursuing challenges, proactivity and creativity with high interest for a professional opportunity in Marketing field.

    Main skills for analysis, planning, negotiation and objective achievement in an international corporate environment . Excellent interdisciplinary team work coordination. I consider myself as a change agent.

    Preferences for a cross functional job position in an international company.

    Her activity on Viadeo

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    Amina GALIANO
    • MBA (2013) | Transformation d'entreprise | Management de Projets Stratégiques
    Maryam Guessous
    Rodica M.
    • Business Relationship Manager, Tata Consultancy Services
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