Paris, France
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His background

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    Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette

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    Missions et réalisations architecturales en France et à l'international (Russie).
    Exercice en libéral de 2001 à 2014. Exercice en société depuis 2014 à aujourd'hui.

    Managing director:
    Architectural missions and achievements in France and with international (Russia).
    Liberal entreprise from 2001 to 2014. Limited company since 2014 - today.
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    July 2002
    January 2002

    Enseignant Maître de Conférences - outils informatiques

    Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette

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    December 2000
    September 1998

    Architecte chef de projet

    ORCEL Patrice architectes

    Architecte de conception et architecte d'execution travaux.
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    September 1998
    July 1997


    AURA - architecture & urbanisme

    Etude de faisabilité de projet de réhabilitation architecturale
  • Architecture
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    September 1996
    April 1995

    Architecte assistant

    Equipe Grifo architectes

    Architecte de conception et architecte d'execution travaux.
  • Ingénieur - Construction Bâtiment
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris Val de Marne (Paris Conflans - UP4)

  • ENSAAMA - Olivier de Serres : Arts Appliqués + Métiers d'Arts

His skills

  • Architecture
  • Town planning
  • Restoration
  • Restauration
  • Planning
  • Management
  • Logements sociaux
  • International
  • Equipements publics
  • Direction de travaux
  • Design
  • Conception
  • Urbanisme

His hobbies

Art sciences and technology history music fencing swimming

His keywords

Projects of town planningarchitecturerestoration of inheritanceof fittingdesign and management of building sitein France and with International - Russia:- Public equipment and private- Habitats: private residencessocial housingVillas-

About him


Founder and manager of SANDOROV Architecture agency since 2001.
Architect DPLG since 1997. In exercise since 1995.

Intervention in France and with international (Russia since 2007).

- Government contracts - private markets -
town planning, architecture, remodeling of inheritance, fitting, design and building site management:

- Public and private equipment (hospital, schools, colleges, offices…)
- Haousing: private residences, social housing, Villas
- Private and public classified Inheritance (private mansions, castles…)
- Industry (cars, space…)
- Collective Restoration (corporate, school, private)
- Fitting (top-of-the-range and tertiary…)/Movable furnitures /Design

- Conception and Design of buildings and houses : Bioclimatic Low Consumption - Very High Energetic Performance - passive energy
- Accessibility/Project EHQ "Environmental high-quality "/ Wooden architecture, bioclimatic architecture
- Calculations: heat balance and objective, acoustic, structures and foundations,

VIADEO Network :
We study very readily all requests for setting in direct contact and we privilege the contacts related to the world of the public and private owners in building construction and urban study, building engineers, economy and finance, management, real estate, landscape, inheritance, Arts and the communication.
We are also opened with any other profile with potential of opportunity, council or network.

320, rue Saint Honoré
75001 Paris - France
e-mail: sandorov.architecte@free.fr
tél.1: +33 664.489.703
tél.2: +33 177.218.572
Site: http://sandorov.architecte.free.fr
VCard & Flashcode : http://sandorov.architecte.free.fr/contact.html

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