Norbert Delor

Norbert Delor

Peintre, Ma petite entreprise

Toulouse, France

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    Ma petite entreprise

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About him

Norbert Delor is a lover humanist painter African land artist and Asia, where he worked for humanitarian actions.
He was born in Toulouse, a city in south west France, on 20 June 1950.
It is a self-taught painter, passionate since his childhood by the pictorial expression.
After two major periods of creation that we would describe as classic and surreal, during which he engaged in numerous fairs and exhibitions in his hometown, he turned in recent years to a more abstract painting, more emotional and intuitive, influenced by his travels, meetings, his thoughts on the world today and tomorrow.
It seeks research explores.
Insatiable and always in motion, the artist delivers its gross universe of elaborate designs.
Openings on the possible and the imaginary journey.
His works are all places where the mind can be lost or found.
Deep, meaningful, abstract wanderings creator materialize on these powerful oils.
He traveled alone, and invites you to discover through its sensitivity to his work

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