Pascal Le Rudulier

Pascal Le Rudulier

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Chalon sur Saône, France
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His background

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    Assistance Qualité

    +10,000 employees

    Mission : Retour du projet OL3 [Finlande], après presque 5 années, pour un autre projet [FA3] en Basse-Normandie.

    - Mise en place d'un outil de suivi et de gestion des non-conformités [Access].
    - Mise en place d'un outil de gestion des méthodes d'inspection [Access].
    - Mise en place d'un outil de suivi du soudage tuyauterie [Access].
    - Mise en place d'un outil de suivi et de gestion de réserve à réception d'équipement [Access + Business Object].

    Moyens: Principalement MS Access et Business Object.

    La documentation et la tenue à jour du 'know how' concernant les outils mentionnés sont effectuées sous Wiki [Wikimédia, moteur, entre autres, du site Wikipédia] dans un souci de partage et de contribution à plusieurs sur un support approprié.
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    +10,000 employees

    Mission: In direct relationship with former position I applied for a job on site, at Olkiluoto in Finland where the power plant is currently built as the OL3 project.
    * Follow-up of non-conformances. Communication with client.
    * Implementation and management of inspection guides.
    Means: * Creation of a database for the follow-up. Use of well known application MSAccess then evolution to a broader 'audience' with transfer of data onto a server (thus granting access to other entities in the group). The final product would be a complete management on a proprietary website.
    This involves practice of PHP and PostgreSQL.
    * Extensive use of pivot tables for a better cross-check of data.
    Appraisal: - Positive aspects:
    * Getting to acquaint myself with a new sector, Nuclear, with its specific requirements.
    * Opening to international relationship with the necessity of a constant dialogue with the customer.

    - Aspect that needs improvement:
    * A transition towards a more flexible, faster and pragmatic management so as to meet customers' requirements.
  • RGQ [Responsable en Gestion de la Qualité]
  • Plymouth University [anciennement Polytechnic]

    Analytical Chemistry
    Chimie analytique
  • IUT mesures physiques

    Mesures Physiques (Physico-Chimiques)

His skills

  • MS Office (Excel, Access,...)
  • Qualité
  • Base de données
  • Microsoft Access
  • Qualités rédactionnelles
  • Web 2.0 (Wikis, Blog, ...)
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Inspection/Surveillance

His languages

  • French
    ****Mother tongue
  • English

    His hobbies

    Oeuvres caritatives Depuis 2004 participe en bénévole à une association appelée: Aids Life Cycle.

    About him

    What triggered my interest recently, that I would like to implement in a professional context, are the multiple applications that aim at facilitating work in group and sharing informations.

    In this regard I have kept my knowledge abreast of actual tools as well as implemented some of them in my current job.

    While not an absolute obligation I am looking for any position that would allow such developments.

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