Pascal Bernardon

Pascal Bernardon

Senior Program Manager, INNOPRAG

Paris, France

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His background

  • Today
    April 2016

    Senior Program Manager


    Développement et animation de la première plateforme internationale de conseils et de services en ligne et â la demande.

    INNO'T première plateforme de #consultech ouverte aux experts et aux organisations.
  • Certificate in Content Strategy

    Certificat Stratégie de Contenu
    Pascal BERNARDON a validé avec succès Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization, Cet étdudiant a répondu ou dépassé les critères établis par l'enseignant du cours
  • Today
    April 2016
    March 2012

    Consultant Management Collaboratif et Innovation Participative

    11-50 employees

    Développement du secteur d'affaire Appropriation des Usages Collaboratifs, de l'innovation participative et de la Gestion des Connaissances

    - Activité Commerciale
    • Prospections, Réponses à appel d’offres, Organisation de Forums, d'évènements, de web-conférences

    - Formations des entreprises
    - Usages professionnels du Mindmapping
    - Mise en œuvre pratique d'initiatives de Knowledge Management (Base de Connaissances, Cartographie des Savoirs)

    - Réalisation de Missions de Mise en œuvre d’Organisation Collaborative et de Knowledge Management (France et Tunisie)
    - ARCELOR MITTAL, Fret-SNCF, FMGC, Groupe IDEA, Groupe Réalités, INEXIA, Mairie de Croissy, SNCF, SYSTRA, TUNISIANIA, Vu Par, Wolters KLUVER
  • Today
    March 2012

    Projects Manager

    ÆBIS Inc.

    To Develop Business Activities for Konowledge Managenent and Konowledge Transfers in Canada and France

    - Business affairs developpment
    - Organisation of Hub and exhibitions
    - Missions Managenent

    ÆBIS Inc. is a BFD 's Canadian Branch.
    Your Knowledges and Your Know-How : An Asset to Improve every day
  • Today

    Projects Manager

    Direction of projects of Global reengineering of Cetelem ‘s Corporate Information System based on CMMI method.
    Team leader , manage schedules and report to Executive board

    Interviews of the actors of Corporate and partners Organisation department.

    Interviews of the actors of Corporate Statistics department.

    Validations of Conceptual Design Specifications to ensure CMMI level 2 Certification

    To Manage and to Involve of relevant stakeholders according to an IPM for IPPD organisation ( Integrated Project Management for Integrated Process and Product Development )
    The Design Team (12 Employees)
    The 2 development Teams ( Java and Mainframe )
    The Corporate Users Community Group
    The Datas Administration Team
    The 2 levels of Process and Product Quality Assurance
    The Production Department.

    Manage Tests and Qualifications team in accordance with VER a CMMI Process Area

    Kick-off and Implementation of Tests and Qualifications stage.

    To Manage the Validation of Tests and Qualifications Plan with Skateholders
    To Supervise and Validate Specifications Set for workproducts

    To Analyse Interface between Organisational Repository vs SIEBEL the Customer Relationship Management software.

    - French Version

    - English Version

    Certificat of Completion delivered by the SEI
  • Today

    Systems and Application Architect

    VIA RAIL - Montreal

    - Existing Systems and applications surveys, Recommendations for improvement of the information system of the group

    Analyze and modeling of the processes of businesses (with Visio)

    Interviews of the actors of the business unit and the data-processing team leaders

    Analyze existing Information systems (under Visio)

    Drafting of the review articles for presentation to the customer

    Presentation of the results and installation of the action plans

    - Preliminary study to integrate a Entreprise Content Management

    Analyze offers of the principal actors of the market (LIVELINK, DOCUMENTUM…)

    - French Version

    - English Version
  • Today

    Quality and Organisation Consultant

    • Design Organisation and operating team sizing in different landlords companies.

    • Strategic customers’ segmentation to improve business processes.
    Analyze and modeling of the profiles payers of the company to adapt the processes
    Consult with business unit management and personal to identify problems and solve them
    Redaction process of the reports/ratios of consultation for presentation to the customer
    Presentation of the results and installation of the action plans

    • Value Analysis of business processes to build a customer-driven approach (increase more than 30% recovery cash back)

    Analyze and modeling of the processes of businesses (under Visio)
    Quantify business units and systems or organisation impacts to improve processes
    Write and Maintain the functional and technical procedures
    Build Balanced scorecard to manage activity

    • Manage Quality ISO 9000-V2000 projects.

    Iso 9000: 2000: To chart and describe the processes, To write the Handbook Quality, To set up Strategic Piloting of Quality, To grind the system of Management of Quality, To carry out the audit

    Service Level Agreements: To identify the customers ’ needs, To work out the Reference frame of Service Level Agreements, To set up the piloting of Service Level Agreements , To communicate them near the customers

    - French Version

    - English Version
  • Today

    IT Manager

    • 2003 New Group 's Business Process Reengineering development and deployment
    Modelise, Quantify and Design Business Process Architecture based on software business-components on hardware and software N-Tiers architecture

    • Evaluate and choose UML analysis method
    • evaluate technologies (Java and .NET) and coordinate team to develop with .NET technology

    • 2002 Design and Manage ISO 9001 V2000 Group certification and target a new market

    • Call-center development and administration for 10 users
    • Integrated Vocal Server installation and administration
    • Computer Technology Integration
    • PABX management and administration

    • Writing of Memorandum of Understanding and business and technical specifications of a web recovery market place - Offers and contracts analysis and negotiations with contractors.

    • 2001 European Currency Integration and data processing for whole Information System of the group and web site development and deployment

    • 2000 Takeover of another group with its 5 subsidiaries •
    • 1999 Real-Estate Information Technology development and administration
    • 1998 Outsourcing Mainframe site stopped to reduce IT costs (- 0,3 M$ per year )
    • 1996 Manage Movings IT Center of Headquarter and takeover of another company
    • 1995 Takeover of another company
    • 1994 Design and Manage Downsizing of information Technology System to reduce Costs (-1,3 M$ per year )
    • 1993 Manage Movings IT Center of Headquarter and 4 branches and takeover of another company
    • 1991 Design and Manage Global Business Process Reengineering of the group and its 18 branches. 250 users connected in Client/server technology.

    • Quantify systems impacts of Business Process Reengineering and qualify business justification to executives board.
    • Evaluate and design Software Architecture based on business processes managed with softwares or in house development with Uniface in accordance with business needs and objectives

    - French Version

    - English Version
  • Today

    IT Manager


    • 1990 Design and Manage Global Business Process Reengeneering
    Consult with business unit to identify and document the new specifications.
    Budget and schedules different solutions

    • 1989 Administration of Digital Servers
    Qualify systems impact and Upgrade from VMS 4.7 to 5.3 without services stops
    Backup, Securities automation
    Softwares maintenance with APTools.

    - French Version

    - English Version
  • Today

    Projects Manager

    • 1985-1989 : Project Manager

    Design, development and maintenance of nomenclatures management with UnifAce/RDB
    Worldwide Affairs
    Datas sheets and nomenclatures for Design and construction office
    Worldwide procurements
    Logistics ( Traffic and Warehouse, Inventory, Shipping )
    Equipment delivery on water treatment plant

    Maintenance and re-development of a worldwide spare parts and chemical products of after-sales department.
    Purchase orders
    Delivery and shipping

    • 1982-1985 : Database Administrator
    Development and administration of datas processing, tuning and statistics
    Installation of Exchange File Format for the suppliers ' equipments loaded in technical database
    Prices, rebates and technical change administration
    Instruction for 200 worldwide users
    Lead a users group to manage data base equipment loading and unloading needs.

    • 1977-1981 : Analyst

    Analysis and development and maintenance of CAD and Drawing staff studies (Basic).

    - French Version

    - English Version
  • Terminale F9 - Génie sanitaire et thermique

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His skills

  • CMMI
  • Ressources Humaines
  • Qualité
  • Organisation
  • Mind-mapping
  • Knowledge Management
  • KM
  • Intelligence collective
  • Gestion des Connaissances
  • Conseil
  • Web 2.0

His languages

  • English

    His hobbies

    Photo Oil Painting

    His keywords

    IT ManagerProjects LeaderQualityOrganisationISO 9000CMMIKnowledge ManagementKM

    About him

    I am looking for contracts to lead projects for Organisation ( Knowledge Management ) Information Technologies ( Certified for CMMI Method ) and IT Architecture.

    For more details you can visit my website or contact me directly.

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    Skype ID : pbernardon1958

    See you soon....

    Please consider the environment, Save and optimize Énergy on your desktop > - Fight Global Warming From Your Desktop
    Many thanks ....

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