Paul Blanchard (保罗)

Paul Blanchard (保罗)

Self-motivated, high-fighting spirit, polyglot and passionate guy

Paris, France

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His background

  • Today
    September 2013

    Project Manager

    Cultural and economic development between France and Shanghai Association (法国上海经济文化发展会)

    Translation of some press articles about Chinafrica's topic
    -Events management of french-chinese business meeting in Paris.
    -Production assistant of "L'amour au Shangri-la" film by Guoqing Shen.

    Technical Skills:

    -Translation French/Chinese
    -Intercultural Management
    -Collaborative projects development with international partners

    Human skills:

    -"Bridge" role between China and France
    -Knowledges of the different cultural codes.
    -Flexibility and social adaptability
  • , Paris


    INSEEC Business Schoof is a school management located in Paris and any french cities. The school has international campus in Chicago (USA), London (UK), Shanghai & Beijing (China) and it holds a rank of 12th among French business schools.
    Wholly taught in english, ASIAN MBA is one of the best INSEEC's formations and brings high-level knowledges about the asiatic markets.


  • Today
    September 2013
    September 2012

    Financial Manager

    Shadows Festival

    Activity: looking for private partnerships to invest for the SHADOWS Festival and financial management of the available funds.

    • Planning and organizing the presentation's Festival shareholders
    • Market study to evaluate the potential companies which could be investors.
    • Closing process and reporting of financial statements.

    Technical skills:
    - trade negotiation
    - analytical mind
    - marketing's conception
    - financial management

    Human skills :
    - curiosity
    - relational skills
    - artistic's creativity
  • Today
    July 2012
    April 2012

    Project assistant

    500 - 999 employees

    Activity : Based in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong-Kong, Hopscotch Système Asia is a Public Système Hopscotch subsidiary.
    Public Système Hopscotch is a group of communication consultancies specializing in Public Relations, Events, Digital Communication and Marketing.

    Technical skills:

    - events organization and writing presentation folders
    - prospecting customers
    - conception of thematic events
    - digital marketing

    Human skills :

    - Chinese culture,
    - Time management
    - Creativity
    - Efficiency
  • International Business/Trade/Commerce, Exchanges with Asia

    Master Degree
    Le Havre University is the only university in Europe to propose a master's degree in International Business which is focused on business relations with Asia.
    It's striving to give an international vision to its students, teaching 11 languages with 6 "oriental" one: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Russian and Arabic; and with partnerships with universities from all over the world.


  • Chinese Language and Civilization (Bachelor's Degree)

    Lyon 3 University is the main university which proposes a Chinese Language and Litteratur Bachelor in the second city of France. This cultural and linguistic formation is one of the most recognized in France for the teaching quality.


    China litterature
    China culture
    China press articles translation
    Chinese language speaking
    Chinese language writing
    Japan and Korean history

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His skills

  • Business strategy
  • China marketing
  • Post production
  • Public relations
  • Film production
  • Production
  • Project Management
  • Translation Services

His languages

  • French
    ****Mother tongue
  • Mandarin
  • English
  • German
  • Korean

    His hobbies

    Asian cinemaTheaterPoetryTravellingChessForeign languagesMeeting people

    About him


    Born in the 13th arrondissement (Chinatown of Paris), I felt I was drawn to work in Asia at an early age. At 11 years old, I went to Tahiti where I lived for two years and discovered the Chinese New Year Festival which was organized by the Hakka (客家) community.
    Once I came back to Paris, I realized that "cultural bridge building" had become a passion.
    And since theatre and cinema are also my passions, it is through these media that I aim to achieve my goal.


    My studies and professional experiences step by step:

    After taking acting classes in Paris, I decided to start my career in Chinese cinema. After acquiring a BA in Chinese language and civilization, which included one year exchange at Beijing Foreign Student University (BFSU,2009) and one summer school in Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taipei (Taiwan ROC, 2011), I continued my studies and obtained a Master's Degree in Le Havre University (France) in Asia Trade Management major.

    Finally, I concluded my studies with an "ASIAN MBA" in INSEEC Business School of Paris. During my studies, I worked in Hopscotch Système Asia company (Beijing), and did the second MBA's semester in Shanghai Normal University (SNU) from March to June 2013. During this period, I travelled around most of the Asian countries (India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Singapore).

    在2011年,我又致力于取得国际管理硕士学位,在勒哈费尔大学, 这个学位是为在亚洲进行专业交流的。我有一个发展自己的国际业务技能和回到中国的机会。这个经历提高了我的语言文化水平。我曾在北京Public System-Hopscotch办公室担任事件管理助理,专门从事公共关系和在中国提升欧洲品牌的工作。之后我完成了在INSEEC商业学院的学习,并取得了专门面向亚洲市场的工商管理硕士学位,二第二学期则是在上海师范大学。

    His activity on Viadeo

    Recent contacts
    Brice Tameu
    • Contrôleur de Gestion, Groupe CNM - Compagnie Nouvelle de Manutentions
    Stephane CHENG
    Marie-anne Tichit

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