'AMSCAAF' b2b Founder and Project Manager www.amscaaf-trade.com

Cayenne, France

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    Chef de Projet


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  • Commerce Internationa Imp / Exp
  • Conseil

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    About him

    http://www.amscaaf-trade.com?lang=US club.amscaaf-trade.com
    I'’m the founder of the “AMSCAAF’ Community” and of AMSCAAF Sarl (Ltd) .

    AMSCAAF Sarl has been created to manage and develop the ' AMSCAAF Community " which includes the countries and peoples of the Amazon, of South America, Central America+ Mexico , the Caribbean and Africa.

    In order to:
    - Meet exchanges of people and businesses in the " AMSCAAF’S Zone"
    - Facilitate the commercial promotion of the area companies and their products
    -In the " AMSCAAF’S Zone”
    -In France or elsewhere in Europe
    -InUSA, Canada,Australia…
    -In the world …

    - Help them find their best suppliers

    To do this, AMSCAAF Sarl takes , , tools at your disposal:
    AMSCAAF TRADE: www.amscaaf-trade.com , a b2b portal (a emarketplace)
    A facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/AMSCAAF/44038105...

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