RH Partners

RH Partners

Cabinets de conseil en ressources humaines, RH Partners

Toulouse, France
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Her background

  • Today

    Cabinets de conseil en ressources humaines

    101-300 employees

Her skills

  • Bilan de compétences
  • Chasse de tête
  • Coaching
  • Gestion de carrière
  • Outplacement
  • Outplacement Reclassement
  • Recrutement

About her

RH PARTNERS was founded in France nearly thirty years ago. Our goal is to provide both excellent career opportunities to talended professionals and address complex Human Resources problems while help providing adequate solutions.

We have been able to help thousands of small & large companies fulfill their staffing needs while closely working with them in order to leverage existing skills when external recruitment was not the ideal solution. Also, candidates have been enjoying a highly professional attitude that places ethics and respect above all other considerations.

We believe that succeeding economically is achieved through the success of the individuals while placing the human factor at the heart of any decision process. Those values have not only been implemented and proven for many years but also, verified by each individual we have been interacting with - no matter his age, origin, experience and geography where he is currently located.

We sure hope to continue helping companies and individuals for the many years to come.

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Marie-Virginie GALLEGO
Coralie PAWLAK
Stéphane Rigoli
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