SAUVAGE Christophe

Ingenieur Mise en route

Courbevoie, France

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His background

  • Today

    Commissioning Lead

    Thiess Degrémont

    Victoria Desalination Plant (Melbourne - Australia): Desalination
    150 GLD
    In charge of 6 commissioning Engineers for the Balance Of Plan (Chemicals, Sludge treatment, Potabilisation, Utilities and transfer pipeline - 84 Kms)
  • Today

    Commissioning team manager

    Degremont Suez Environnement

    Doha West (Doha – Qatar): Municipal waste water 135 000 m3/d (Pretreatment, Biologal treatmant, Tertiary treatment by Aquazur V filters / ZENON membranes and chlorine desinfection, sludge treatment by centrifugation after thickening on gravity belts and aerobic digestion)
  • Today

    Commissioning deputy manager

    Degremont Suez Environnement

    Preparation, follow-up and technical/process support for the plants (Chekka – Lebanon, Tripoli – Lebanon, Athmania – Algeria, Xiamen – China, Yang Shu Pu – Shanghai China, Dong Bu – Pusan South Korea - )
    Standards documents installation.
  • Today

    Commissioning Engineer

    +5000 employees

    Commissioning and technical/process support for the plant of :
    - Joong Ang (Pusan – South Korea) : Municipal waste water 120 000 m3/d, commisssioning of the plant (Densadeg, Biofor pre DN and C/N, sludge treatment by centrifugation)
    - Maribor (Slovenia) : Municipal waste water, Flexazurs T80 replacement.
    - La Farfana (Santiago – Chile) : Municipal waste water 8,8 m3/s, valuation of the digestion and biogas line malfunctioning and re-commissioning of entire equipements of those lines.
    - ChangZhou (China) : Drinking water 300 000 m3/d, commissioning of the plant (Raw water pumping station, settling with floculation/coagulation and pre-chlorination, Aquazur V filters, treated water pomping station, disinfection by chlorine injection).
    - YangQuan (China) : Municipal waste water 80 000 m3/d, commissioning of the plant (Pre-treatment, nitrification/denitrificatiuon biological treatment, Aquazur V filters, sludge treatment by belt-press + GDE, disinfection by chlorine injection).
    - Thu Duc (Saigon – Vietnam) : Drinking water, Aquazur V filters automation technical support.
    - Concepcion (Chile) : Municipal waste water 100 000 m3/d, 2 x 8 000 m3 primary digesters commissioning.
    - Jiu Xian Qiao (Beijing – China) : Municipal waste water 200 000 m3/d (72 brushes aeration), faulty material replacement, commissioning of them and technical support of the others equipments.
    - ENDEL (Nouméa – New Caledonia) : Drinking water 4 000 m3/h, Technical support.
    - Rithala (New Delhi – Inda) : Municipal waste water 182 000 m3/d, sludge treatment commissioning (flotation, 4 x 8 000 m3 primary digesters and belt presses).
    - JiangMen (China) : Municipal waste water 50 000 m3/d, sludge treatment commissionning (centrifuges).
    - SEO (Novorossiyk – Russia) : Industrial waste water (oil terminal water unoiling) 140 m3/h, commissioning of the plant including two flotation lines and Biofors.
    - DaLian (China) : Municipal waste water 120 000 m3/d (first BIOFOR in China), commissioning support and performance test.
    - NanNing (China) : Municipal waste water 100 000 m3/d, faulty material replacement, commissioning of them and process support for suspended solids elimination in treated water.
    - ShenYang (China) : Municipal waste water 400 000 m3/d, 4 primairy and 1 secondary 7 000 m3 digesters.
    - CPCU (Saint-ouen – France) : Industrial water (Seine river demineralisation for boiler cooling system), Commissioning in double for training.
  • Today

    Industrial Computing Technician

    Degremont Suez Envrinnement

    Responsible for the purchase order and after sales service for SCADA and operation tools softwares. Project parameters configuration. Operation balance management software developing.
    Maintenance management software configuration. Stock management software developing.
  • , Aubervilliers

    Lycée le Corbusier

    BTS Informatique Industrielle
  • , Montargis

    Lycée Durzy

    F3 Electrotechnique
    Bac série F

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