Sonia Calvo Alvarez

Sonia Calvo Alvarez

Civil Engineer: Structural steel calculations and Field Piping Engineer Oil&Gas.

Paris, France

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Her background

  • Today
    June 2014

    Project Leader - Calculations

    Belgatech Engineering Services. Bruxelles

    Client: Elia- Belgium´s electricity transmission system operator.
     Calculating the new high-power electrical transmission towers; using computers and computer-aided design (CAD) technology for simulation purposes.
     Examining the towers at risk of collapse and advising how to improve their structural integrity, such as recommending removal or repair of defective parts or rebuilding the entire tower.
     Liaising with construction contractors to ensure that newly erected towers are structurally sound.
     Liaising with other designers, to agree on safe designs.
     Making drawings, specifications and computer models of structures for towers contractors.
  • Today
    May 2014
    November 2012

    Ingénieur de travaux


    Chantier : « Philharmonie de Paris » Client : BOUYGUES BÂTIMENT FRANCE.

    Fabrication et montage des structures métalliques des balcons et toiture de la salle principale et de l'écran extérieur.

    Responsabilités :

    -Définir les principes d'exécution et modes opératoires. Logiciel : Autocad.

    -Réalisation de dessins et calculs structurels de structures auxiliaires au montage primaire (appuis et sous-étaiement). Logiciel : SAP.

    -Définir le planning d'exécution et les phases provisoires de chantier.

    -Définir les moyens de levage et l'installation du chantier.

    -Attribuer les moyens techniques, humains et temporels suffisants au chantier.

    -Qualité des travaux effectués.

    -Respect des délais et du budget.

    -Réunions de coordination hebdomadaires avec le client (validation de documents techniques, modes opératoires, explication des travaux...).

    -Coordination de sous-traitants.

  • UNED - Universidad Nacional de Educación A Distancia

    Expert en Ingénierie Ferroviaire, UNED (Espagne).
    Note: 9,5/10
  • Today
    November 2012
    December 2010

    Field Piping Engineer.


    In terms of the day to day role, management ISOs drawings and material take off (MTO), welding process WPQs and WPSs, hydro and pneumatic circuit test design.
    A good knowledge of related international codes and standards (API, ISO, ASME).

     Compressor Station Chinchilla. ENAGÁS.
     Underground LNG Storage in Yela. ENAGÁS.
     Maintenance lines. Repsol's A Coruña Refinery.

    Attention to detail/quality assurance and ensure all standards are met through operations and continuously seek improvements.
    Work and coordinate with the customer, internal departments and sub-contractors. Experienced in the field management, piping engineering and supervision.
    Competent in planning, progress monitoring, forecasting and reporting.
    Familiar with and competent in commercial, contractual and administrative aspects of engineering.
  • Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros de Caminos Canales y Puertos

    Ingénieur Génie Civil,
    2010 Bachelor of Science with Honours in Civil Engineering, University of Abertay Dundee (Le Royaume-Uni).
  • Today
    September 2009
    June 2009

    Ingénieur Génie Civil,Stagiaire


    Stagiaire rattachée au chef du chantier.
    Chantier: Viaduc sur la mer (Galice- Espagne).

  • Today
    May 2009
    October 2007

    Ingénieur Génie Civil, Stagiaire.


    Analyse et mise à jour de données géo-spatiales sur des logiciels SIG.

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Her skills

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • AutoCAD
  • Microsoft Project
  • Fortran
  • Microsoft Access
  • SAP
  • Tekla

Her languages

  • Galician
    ****Mother tongue
  • Spanish
    ****Mother tongue
  • French
  • English
  • German

    Her hobbies

    Sport en plein airCourirCinemaThéâtre

    About her

    Civil Engineer: Structural steel calculations. Piping Engineer Oil&Gas. Construction industry and public works.

    Ability to work both on own initiative and as a team-player, sharing ideas with other multi-disciplinary team members.

    Self-motivated with a 'can-do' attitude.

    Her activity on Viadeo

    Recent contacts
    Thomas Guillen
    Andrés Eloy Conde Yáñez
    Jean-Francis BINET
    • Formateur/Consultant agréé en Assurances et Responsabilités Construction
    Marc Michael
    • Chef d'entreprise. Propre cabinet d'Ingénieurs Conseils

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