Sylvain Utard

Sylvain Utard

VP of Engineering, Algolia

Currently employed at Algolia, EPITA, Globuyteam GmbH, Live On BanKiZ

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VP of Engineering

At Algolia

From September 2013 to Present

Text Mining/Web Mining teacher


From 2009 to Present
2009: 6-hours course, Web Mining introduction, real-world oriented 2010: 14-hours course, Text Mining 2010: 14-hours course, Web Mining, real-world oriented

Associate and webmaster

At Globuyteam GmbH

From 2008 to Present
Connecting buyers worldwide for direct benchmarks

Auto entrepreneur

At Live On BanKiZ

From 2003 to Present
I had the chance to create one of the first online multiplayer tamagoshi game (yes FarmVille, I was there before!). More than 500.000 players, around 1000 simulatenous connections and about 70.000 uniq visits per month.

Software Architect

At Exalead

From 2010 to September 2013
Indexing, textmining, natural language processing, C++, Java.

R&D Engineer

At Exalead

From 2008 to 2010
Classification, textmining, indexing, natural language processing, C++, Java.

Associate and webmaster

At Enchères à l'envers

A reverse auction on-line game (rails project)

Chief teacher assistant


From 2006 to 2008
Leader of a 30 people team teaching programming languages (C, C++, Java, Ruby, Perl, SQL, Shell Script) in a UNIX-like environment to 3rd year students of EPITA (240 students). I assisted them during their various projects and gave regular presentations and courses on various topics.

EPITA - Ecole D'Ingénieurs En Informatique, Kremlin Bicêtre

SCIA, EPITA - Ecole d'Ingénieurs En Informatique

From 2003 to 2008
C/C++, Java, Ruby, Perl, etc..., Datamining, Neural Network, Fuzzy logic, CBR, Frames, Blackboard

Developper C#/.Net/PHP

At 3IE, SSII, Paris Sud

From 2006 to 2007
Parallel scholarship at EPITA through the Junior Enterprise or EPITA. I worked with the .NET frameworkin C# and discovered WPF and WCF. During this period, I participated with 3 friends in the Imagine Cup, software design category. We finished at the second place of the french final.

C++/QT developper

At Gostai

Development of a tool related to URBI (robotic-oriented programming language), in C++ and QT. I started a new project called "Motion Editor", allowing a non-programming person to create a movement using a timeline and graphical widgets. The movement was then translated into URBI and executed on the...
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  • C++
  • High availability
  • Java
  • Nlp
  • Nosql