Tanya TM International

Tanya TM International

Owner, TM International

Paris, France

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Her background

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Her skills

  • Bilingual
  • Recruitment
  • Recrutement
  • Secretary

Her languages

  • English
    ****Mother tongue
  • French

    Her hobbies

    Recruitment (recrutement)

    About her

    We are a specialist recruitment agency operating exclusively in the selection of bilingual or multilingual Secretaries and Personal Assistants with fluency in English, French or other languages.

    Recruiting bilingual Secretaries and Assistants is all we do, so we simply define our mission as "connecting bilingual people".

    Notre cabinet de recrutement est spécialisé exclusivement dans le recrutement de secrétaires et d’assistant(e)s bilingues ou multilingues.

    Visit our website for more information and more offers: http://tmi-paris.com/ or for our French site visit http://tmi-paris.fr/

    or follow us on Twitter @TMIParis

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    Eleanor Jennings
    Hiba Soualah
    Thierry Prual
    Fabrice BILLAUT

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