Thibault NESTOR

Thibault NESTOR

Architecte .NET, Agixis

Lyon, France

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His background

  • Today
    June 2015

    Architecte .NET

    50 - 199 employees

  • Certification Microsoft MCTS

    Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services
  • Today
    April 2015
    September 2012

    Software Engineer

    10 - 49 employees

  • Certification Microsoft

    Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications (Exam 70-486)
  • Certification Microsoft

    Programming in C# (Exam 70-783)
  • Today
    August 2012
    November 2010

    Software Engineer

    SGCIB Paris

  • Today
    September 2010
    April 2009

    Software Engineer


  • Today
    February 2008
    December 2007

    Analyst programmer

    FWA - Front Web Applications

    Analyst programmer part of a six people team based in Melbourne, Australia working on the D2 project, a .NET budgeting and planning application built for financial profiles and operators. Current clients include Total, Lafarge and La Caisse d’Epargne.

    Corrected important bugs, designed and implemented new functionalities.
    Designed and implemented the D2 reporting modules.
    Greatly improved customer satisfaction by increasing the data availability and accuracy.

    Technologies: Visual Studio 2005, VB .NET
  • , Melbourne


    Master of Business Information Technology
  • Today

    Team Leader


    Manage a team of 11 people for an open source project created during my senior years at EPITECH. The WiTrack is my major project that I made available to open source once I graduated. WiTrack is a real time positioning system monitoring and tracking any enabled Wi-Fi devices.

    Supervised all phases of the application development life cycle from requirements definition to design, implementation, testing and production.

    Technologies: Visual Studio 2005, MS Project, MS Office, Eclipse RCP, Java, C++, MySQL
  • Today
    May 2007
    November 2006

    Analyst programmer

    Accenture Workforce Solution

    Analyst programmer in a team of 6 people working on web applications (Intranet and Extranet) used by everyone in the company. Close collaboration with the HR and IT support department to clarified the requirements and develop user interfaces.

    Upgraded web applications that reach +1000 users
    Created dynamic and comprehensive reports
    Optimized subroutines to display quicker results and improve performances
    Extended the application's architecture and enabled localization

    Technologies: Visual Studio 2003, C# .NET, MS SQL, Microsoft Reporting Services
  • European Institute of Technologie (EPITECH)

  • Today
    September 2006
    January 2006

    Analyst programmer


    Worked in a team of 4 people on the GRC, an Internet service intended to local communities to facilitate the communication between agent’s town hall and its citizens.

    Analyzed, designed and developed new modules
    Optimized the application by using AJAX technology

    Technologies: Linux/Fedora, PHP5, MySQL, AJAX
  • Today

    Analyst programmer


    Worked in a team of 6 people on the management and resolution of incidents.

    Analyzed, designed and developed a resources management module in PowerBuilder for an existing incident management program used by the department.

    Technologies: PowerBuilder, Pro*C, PHP4, Oracle
  • Today


    +5000 employees

    Created a web-based resources management application intended to an internal department of 30 people. Involved in the full life cycle of the application design.

    In close collaboration with the client, analyzed and clarified the requirements
    Planned and designed
    Wrote a software architecture specification and a technical specification
    Developed and tested
    Significantly increased daily operations (Tools consolidation)
    Greatly increased the data reliability and quality.

    Technologies: DHTML, PHP4, SQL Server, MS Project

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His skills

  • Bilingual
  • Team building
  • Software Developer
  • Project Leader
  • Problem solving
  • Microsoft Project Management
  • Microsoft Project
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Leader
  • Communications
  • Technology

His languages

  • English

    His hobbies

    Running Motorcycling Traveling (Asia-pacific / USA / Europe) to discover different ways of life and ways of doing business. Photography Guitar

    Son entreprise

    About him

    Engineer in Computer Science capable of managing technology projects from concept to completion. Strong analytical skills combined with expertise in Object-Oriented Design and Analysis with experience in all phases of the application development life cycle from requirements definition to design, implementation, testing and maintenance.

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