Auto entrepreneur,

PARIS, France

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    Auto entrepreneur

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    Comptable et comptable taxateur

    Diverses étude notariale

  • , Livry Gargan


    employé de comptabilité

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Comics - MARVEL - - - MMA - - - Cinema - - - Reading - - - Plays - Video - - - Voyage - With - the foreigner - - - GIGN

About him

I was born on July 6th, 1966 in PARIS in the 9th ardt.
I entered the working life in April 1986, after having carried out my national service.
My first “true” work will be carried out within the accounting department of a notary's office.
In February 2010 I am laid off, after 23 years in the body of notaries and as a countable taxer.
After 12 months of unemployment and failures in my job search, I decide to change my careers advice completely: the project to create my company.
Objective: to create an online shop in which I wish to sell more the possible large range of derived products under license MARVEL (editor of comic strips American treating mainly the topic of the super heroes such as SPIDER MAN, THOR, HULK, IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA…) as well as the cinema and the series TV, also video games and the UFC (ultimate fighting championship: “free” combat out of cage).
The second stage of my project, will be the opening of a “physical” shop in PARIS

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