Xiaoyan LE

Xiaoyan LE

Social Media Trainee chez OECD

Paris, France

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Her background

  • Today
    April 2013

    Social media assistant

    1000 - 4999 employees

  • Management des Entreprises Culturelles et Industries Créatives (classé 2ème selon SMBG 2012)

    mastère spécialisé
  • Today
    December 2012
    August 2012

    responsable shooting

    EFashion Paris

    - managed the shooting plan; photographed the clothing with humain models.
    - participated in retouching photos for updating the website.
  • Français

  • Today
    September 2011
    August 2009

    Visual Merchandiser

    +5000 employees

    - developed and implement counter display.
    - co-ordinated contractor project on POS production and promotion site design / construction.
    - co-ordinated with product manager to implement POS execution for each marketing program.
    - coached field force to maintain PCD standard merchandising quality on counter.
    - budget control of visual merchandiisng.
  • Today
    July 2009
    August 2007

    Visual Merchandiser

    +5000 employees

    Visual Merchandiser (08/2008~07/2009)
    - was responsible for visual merchandising updates for new product launch in all channels.
    - developed testerbar and counter accessories for new image counters, Sephora and travel retail stores.
    - provided merchandising support for PR activities and podiums.

    Management Trainee (08/2007~07/2008)
    - took extensive professional and leadership trainings; one of final 30 among the 15000 candidates in 2007.
    - took on-job training in the function of merchandising, including visual merchandising, counter design, and communication of POS implementation.
  • Conception de Produits, Allemand (mineure)


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Her skills

  • Commerce international
  • Design
  • Gestion des achats
  • Luxe
  • Merchandising
  • Publicité
  • Social media
  • Stratégie digitale
  • Tourisme

Her languages

  • Chinese
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • French
  • German

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    Nina Ni
    Ugo Philippart

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