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Guillaume Joseph



Dunkerque | France


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Angélique Roques

Medium, Shining

I'd like to develop my profess…

Clermont-Ferrand | France


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Marie-France MOGUEZ

Adjoint administratif, Ministère de l'Éducation nationale

I'm an active job seeker

Mérignac | France


I'm looking for a new opportunity in an international company for which my skills and knowledge in sales support, marketing and languages would be appreciated.

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International logistics manager

Toulouse | France

  • Current job title:Supply Chain managerLSG Sky Chefs Catering Logistics (LCL)
  • Previous job title:Chargée d'affairesCARFUEL, subsidiary of CARREFOUR France for oil products - marketing department


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Assistante, AssistanteGo

I'm looking for new opportunit…

Montpellier | France

  • Current job title:AssistanteAssistanteGo
  • Previous job title:Conseillère EmploiOrganisme Toronto, Canada


Je suis un ancienne Athlète, Équipe France de Cyclisme. J'ai participé à plusieurs Tour de France, championnats du monde et des Jeux olympiques. Je sais ce que stress et résultats signifient. Je connais aussi le pouvoir d'émotions et la confiance. J'ai une expérience de gestion avec CEA et je me ...

86 contacts

Fabrice Poyer

Technico commercial, OUVEO MENUISERIES

I'd like to develop my busines…

Saint-Denis 974 | France


228 contacts

Cécile Parisot

Account Director, M&C Saatchi.One

Paris | France


Account handler for 3 years, I am passionnate about comunication and always looking for new challenges.

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Hélène Colin


Orléans | France


224 contacts

Christine BIARDEAU


I'd like to develop my profess…

Ormes | France


Hello I am Account Manager at MORY TEAM Ormes in Loiret, France 2 children 39 years I am adaptable to all sectors and different positions if you have a serious proposal for a full time job thank you contact me good day

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Travel / IT projects

Bangkok | France


After several years working in the travel industry and related IT systems, I gained a strong functional and technical knowledge. I would like to make full use of this experience in a challenging position. Fluent in English, I have good communication skills and I am able to work in multicultural...

Thomas Briant

Manager VAS Flux France, Societe Generale

Paris | France


    Young man of 25 years, and motivation and owner of BTS MUC (Management of Business Units), formerly commercial actions. I am fascinated by management and communication. I am looking for information on Viadeo, contacts in France as abroad with a preference for the United States and Canada (Q...

    79 contacts


    Référent du pôle développement, ASEI

    I'm looking for new opportunit…

    Toulouse | France

    Latifa KHALDI

    Payroll MANAGER

    I'm looking for new opportunit…

    Chartres | France


    I work since 2008 in an accounting firm where I manage more than 50 customers and 450 payslips with different labour collective agreement. I do legal adviser for French and foreign clients. I am an expert in the management of single employees (employees working in FRANCE attached to a business wi...

    605 contacts

    Nicolas Vian-Lierde

    International Logistic coordination / Supply Chain / International Forwarding

    I'd like to develop my profess…

    Vetheuil | France


    Trilingual: German, English,Greek, Key Account Manager with high adaptability skills and experience in various sectors such as international logistic ( Germany, Greece, France ), the retail supply chain ( import and Supply Chain manager), Olympics Games Broacasting Logistic.Customer oriented a...

    115 contacts

    Thomas Kopfhammer

    Consultant, Missions Cadres en Entreprises (MCE)

    Helfrantzkirch | France


    54 contacts

    Philippe SIMON

    Financial Accountant

    Thiais | France

    • Current job title:Shop AssistantSave The Children
    • Previous job title:ConsultantReseaulution


    PROFIL I am a senior Financial Accountant with a strong background in auditing; I will pursue an international career . I am looking for a position of Financial Accountant to take on the responsibility of producing Financial Statements and ensuring strong internal controls. SKILLS • Profi...

    Daniela Sund

    Technicien Prévention des Risques en alternance, Michelin

    I'm an active job seeker

    Dardilly | France

    • Current job title:Technicien Prévention des Risques en alternanceMichelin
    • Previous job title:CHARGÉE DE PROJET VALORISATION DE COMPÉTENCESInitiative Développement


    Laureen Choisi

    Commerciale, KVPK

    Les Abymes | France

    • Current job title:CommercialeKVPK
    • Previous job title:enquêteur client mystèreMarket Force Information


    4 contacts

    Elisabeth ROSSI

    Corporate Division Manager - Head Hunter, Norman Alex - Monaco

    PG recrute ! Toutes nos offres…

    Nice | France

    • Current job title:Corporate Division Manager - Head HunterNorman Alex - Monaco
    • Previous job title:Freelance Recruitment ConsultantCapital 2 Solutions


    Internal Recruiter / Head Hunter Sales / Business Development International Experienced (London UK) Human Resources: Experienced and Autonomous particulary in set up of training plan and recruitment strategy Staff Management: Global administrative tasks (contracts, payroll, french/monégasqu...

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