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Responsable juridique

I'm an active job seeker

Sevran | France


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Marie Cherel

Assistante Trilingue, JUNGHEINRICH

En recherche d'un poste d'Offi…

Aulnay Sous Bois | France


I work for Jungheinrich (Fork-lift truck company) as Assistant in the technique and training Department since 2008. In my position, I can express my reactivity, my team spirit, my sense of precision and organisation. The main work methods I use are the standing of my commitments and the respect ...

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Ayoub Najjari

Consultant Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services, KPMG

Paris | France

  • Current job title:Chargé Controle Marché EntrepriseCaisse d'Epargne Ile-de-France


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Master's degree in Tourism-Environment-Heritage

Paris | France


    Following my Master's degree in Hotel Management at IREST, I am now completing a Master's degree in Research "Tourism-Environment-Heritage", which will help me to become a specialist in sustainable cultural development as well as in tourism engineering. More over, n addition to a Bachelor's degr...

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    Agent Général AXA Prévoyance et Patrimoine (A2P), AXA France

    I'd like to share my expertise

    Paris | France

    • Current job title:Treasury; Risk and Control, ComplianceBANK


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    CONSULTANT EN ASSURANCES PETROLIERES, 1er en Assurances des Contrats Pétroliers

    I'd like to share my expertise

    Paris | France


    "Si l'on produit des risques et on en méconnaît l'existence, c'est avant tout parce que la rationalité scientifco-technique est économiquement borgne". (U.B.). *Précurseur (1er Juriste spécialiste) de la Place des Assurances dans les Contrats Pétroliers et Gaziers, mon Travail consiste à : - ...

    561 contacts


    Hôtesse, STC Partners / Dupiré et Associés

    Paris | France


    39 contacts

    Cédric Guilloton

    Assistant Pilotage Marketing, Caisse d'Epargne Ile de France

    Nantes | France

    • Current job title:Développeur LogicielCofely Ineo - Groupe GDF SUEZ
    • Previous job title:Assistant Pilotage MarketingCaisse d'Epargne Ile de France


    2 contacts

    Antoine CHAPELLE

    Assistant de Gestion, CBT Gestion

    I'd like to develop my profess…

    Verneuil Sur Seine | France

    Kadiatou SY MADEMBA

    Assistante Responsable Communication chez Natixis Paiements, Groupe BPCE

    I'm looking for new opportunit…

    Argenteuil | France


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    Benoit Chennevière

    Conseiller de vente, Chanel

    Paris | France


    Formé à vendre toute gamme de produits et services dans la meilleure compréhension de la stratégie d'entreprise, je mets mon savoir-faire dans la vente-conseil à disposition de Maisons ayant l’excellence pour philosophie. Exigeant, travailleur et ayant un talent pour la Vente, je prends plaisir ...

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    Pérez Nicolas

    Datacenter Manager, Zayo France

    Paris | France

    • Current job title:Datacenter ManagerZayo France
    • Previous job title:Delivery Project ManagerZayo France


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    Coudurier Lucie

    Engineer 3D and Virtual Reality

    Chambery | France


    After an internship of 8 months, in the world of luxury watches in real time, i got my degree (Bac +5), to Laval. From the begining of the year 2010, I'd be looking for a job. Following my courses, I have acquired good skills in various domains, for example, modeling and animation in 3D appli...

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    Richard DEMORY

    Campaign manager / Marketing project manager

    Lille | France


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    Ibrahim Dougoune

    Ingénieur commercial alternant

    Besançon | France

    • Current job title:Ingenieur commercial alternantEMC
    • Previous job title:Conseiller commercialCaisse d'Epargne Ile de France


    6 contacts

    Pierre ANDREY

    Intervenant CFPB, CFPB

    Corbeil-Essonnes | France

    Adrien de Beaumont

    Directeur Adjoint Centre d'Affaires, CAISSE D'EPARGNE

    Poissy | France

    • Current job title:Adjoint au Directeur d'AgenceCaisse d'Epargne Ile de France


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    Stagiaire dans le service Ressources Humaines à San Francisco, BMW

    Paris | France


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    Jacques Letard

    Chef de Projet / Coordinateur MOE-AMOA. EDI, Banque - Anglais courant et profess

    20 ans expérience en réalisati…

    Paris | France


    Dear Sir/ Madam, I’ve spent my 20-year career working in the information-technology field, mainly for banks and department stores. My career has been marked by accomplishments in leading IT operations, mainly on mainframe systems for corporate businesses. My record of designing, developi...

    19 contacts

    Sylvie BERTHOZ

    Responsable Communication Produits, Caisse Nationale du Crédit Agricole (banque)

    Saint Maximin La Sainte Baume | France

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