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Purshaser of Nuclear mechanical equipments, Electricité de France EDF.SA

Paris | France

  • Current job title:Purshaser of Nuclear mechanical equipmentsElectricité de France EDF.SA
  • Previous job title:Advisor to QC dept. managerElectricite de France EDF


My email: greg.bresson@gmail.com

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Management Controller (Project Manager, Budget Manager ...)

I'd like to develop my profess…

Paris | France

  • Current job title:Project ManagerEDF
  • Previous job title:Management controllerElectricite de France (EDF)


To date, I pilot the project implementation and organization solutions for the management of stores PoPs, tools, consumables , equipment regulations. Having previously assured the management control of the entity CETAC, I remain open all times open to the proposal by CDI management controller, i...

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Career Summary

"Ayez foi en vos intuitions…

Vedene | France

With more than 17 years of experience in Marketing and 23 years in IT appraisement and technical support (but 17 years with external activities), Patrice has good skills on Operating Systems particularly with Windows client systems. His work at EDF SA consists in analyzing resulting data of c...


Senor consultant regulation - competition / public law - public business

I'd like to share my expertise

Paris | France


Architecte SI / Urbaniste, Electricité de France

Paris | France

Matthieu Bouselsal

Export Sales Advisor, EUROTEKNIKA - GACD Group

Lyon | France


Dear, My professional experiences are primarily oriented on export sales development as well as management of distributors /retail affiliates networks. The way I want to consider my work is that of a self starter minded executive taking his job description as a starting line which he strive...

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Etudiante en Master 2 Stratégie et Veille d'Entreprise (SVETIC) à la recherche d

I'm an active job seeker

Orl´┐Żans | France


j'achève actuellement une formation au sein de l’IAE d’Orléans (Institut d’Administration des Entreprises) où je me suis spécialisée dans la Stratégie, Veille d’Entreprise et TIC. Je suis actuellement à la recherche d'un stage de fin d'études d’une durée de six mois , idéalement dans le domain...

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Dhouha Mahfoudh

Ingénieur Qualité, Electricité De France

Paris | France

  • Current job title:Ingénieur ConsultantSociété Générale


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Grenoble | France


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Embedded System, Industrial Informatics and Network&Telecom' Engineer

Lyon | France


Graduated in Electrical Engineering from INSA Lyon, I now work as a Consulting Engineer at Altran Rhône-Alpes. My current mission is as a System Engineer at Alstom Transport. I'm in charge of leading the development and validation of a software embedded in tramways that diffuses visual and sonoro...

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Adeline PIGEON

Animatrice Qualité, Sécurité et Environnement, FAYAT ENERGIE SERVICES

I'm looking for new opportunit…

Juvisy Sur Orge | France

Maxime Pineau

Chef de projets – Service Support&Innovation, Sodexo

Paris | France

  • Current job title:Asistant chef de projetCECU Madrid
  • Previous job title:Département financeGondrand UK - Londres


Jérôme Le Maréchal

Business Unit Manager

Conseil et courtage an travaux

Versailles | France

  • Current job title:Sales Manager FranceCEMEX Admixtures
  • Previous job title:Research EngineerElectricité de France


Consulting Offers, Self-Employed Specialties Sales and Distribution, Marketing, Logistics, Technology Management, Product and Quality Expertise Building Materials, Cement, Concrete, Readymix, Admixtures, Construction Chemicals International profile : Fluent in French, English and German ...


Senior legal councel

Paris | France


Doctor of Law - General in house legal counsel with substantial in-house legal experience. I am specialized in contract Law, Business Law, Corporate Law , Financial products & markets Law. - AdviseCEO's office and Business Units - Take part of part in the negotiation for the transfer of compa...


Manager, Senior Business Development, VESTAS

Pérols | France


After studying sciences to a high level (Nuclear Physics), I began my career in the scientific field but my aim was always to enter business and management, which is something I have achieved. My position as a Business Engineer in a company (MGP Instruments) specialized in the design and comm...

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Chef de projet, Rte

Paris | France

Romuald Sobalski

Program buyer ASA (CEO & NEO), Messier-Bugatti-Dowty

Paris | France

  • Current job title:Program buyer Airbus Single Aisle (A320 family)Messier-Bugatti-Dowty
  • Previous job title:Junior project buyer Raw Material (Ti)Messier-Bugatti-Dowty


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Thomas Fourré-Spitzer

Ingénieur, GDF SUEZ

Paris | France


Through a large panel of internships, I have been able to understand the actual environnemental problema in a large scale. I have been taught the skills of a generalist engineer, specialised in Sustainable Development and renewable energies, sustainable products economy. My fields of expertise ar...

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Ingénieur intégration/validation, Areva T&D

Toulouse | France

Emilie Chevrier

General engineer (specialization in energy/nuclear engineering), AREVA NP Inc.

Poitiers | France

  • Current job title:Nuclear fuel design engineerAREVA NP Inc., Nuclear Fuel Department, Lynchburg, VA, USA
  • Previous job title:Business engineerEDF - CEIDRE, Nuclear engineering unit of the French Electricity Company, Paris (France)


After graduating from my engineering school in France (Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, 2009), I came to the US in order to achieve an 18 month assignment with AREVA NP Inc. as a nuclear engineer (nuclear fuel design). I am currently seeking for a position in the energy industry.

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