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Aurelien Lhermerout

Chef de Site, Clemessy Nuc.

Moulins-Les-Metz | France


Gifted with a versatil profile, I have adpated and overcome challenges on several occasions. I enjoy challenging jobs, that require mastering their technical attributes. I easily adpate to new work places and countries. I do not retreat easily, and when I do it is after trying every solutions I c...

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Nkemjika Anselm

Mechanical Design Engineer, STELIA Aerospace

I'm an active job seeker

Toulouse | France

  • Current job title:Mechanical Design EngineerSTELIA Aerospace
  • Previous job title:Professional ThesisAirbus Group


A post graduate Aerospace | Mechanical engineer, my professional drive is built on hard work, consistency and excellence. My areas of interests are mainly transport and energy.

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François Huber

CEO, Kemwatt

Rennes | France

  • Current job title:CEOKemwatt
  • Previous job title:International consultantMobilys


Kemwatt develops an electricity storage technology for stationary applications, based on a redox flow battery with unique features that make it inexpensive, safe and environmentally friendly.

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Romuald Dariot

Marketing - RH

I'm looking for new opportunit…

Tampon | France

  • Current job title:IngénieurRungo.biz


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Thierry Guillot

Directeur Administratif et Financier

I'm looking for new opportunit…

Paris | France

  • Current job title:Directeur Administratif et Financier OpérationnelSUEZ
  • Previous job title:Directeur du Contrôle Interne / responsable des Systèmes d'Information Financiers SUEZ


Actuellement à l'écoute de nouveaux challenges orientés sur des fonctions de : - Directeur Administratif et Financier - Directeur du Contrôle de Gestion - Directeur du Contrôle Interne - Directeur de l'Audit Interne Compétences clefs : - Business Partner et membre du Comité de Direction - Manag...

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David Servieres

Available for New Challenges

I'm an active job seeker

Riec-Sur-Belon | France

  • Current job title:Managing DirectorTechniques Surfaces (Thailand) Ltd - HEF Group
  • Previous job title:ASEAN Regional ManagerHEF Durferrit - HEF Groupe


16 years in Thailand brought me a solid multicultural work experience, mainly through three subsidiaries setup and operational management. Optimistic and having a strong combative spirit, I am realistic and equipped with a sense of direction guided by method. Clear and concise, I express myself ...

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Nicolas Robert

Field Tactical Engineer, Green Hills Software


  • Current job title:Field Tactical EngineerGreen Hills Software
  • Previous job title:CEO gloops VietnamGloops


Passionate for technics, game design and agile methodologies, I have a quite long background in technical management and game development, experience acquired at various positions and in different areas. I was first involved in the design, development and deployment of large application framewor...

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Guillaume 白书赫 D.

Export Sales Manager, Lifebox

Paris Area | France

  • Current job title:Export Sales ManagerLifebox
  • Previous job title:BuyerBrico Depot


I have spent six years in China. I learnt Chinese at the Shanghai Jiaotong University for three semesters. I can speak Mandarin and English fluently. I have a Master's Degree in International French-Chinese International Management. In China, I worked in the trading industry as a Category Sal...

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Thomas Debève

Chargé d'Affaires et d'Etudes, Nidaplast (Groupe Etex)

I'd like to develop my profess…

Dijon | France

  • Current job title:Chargé d'Affaires et d'EtudesNidaplast
  • Previous job title:Chargé de missions - stage 6 moisAssociation pour le Développement Opérationnel et la Promotion des Techniques Alternatives


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Pearl W.

Ingénieur superviseur / Chef de projet Bases de Données

Nouméa | France

  • Current job title:Ingénieur superviseur bases de données/ Chef de projet pour le SESERDAVAR - Direction des Affaires Vétérinaires Alimentaires et Rurales
  • Previous job title:Guest Service AssistantPetro-Canada Pemberton


Direction des Affaires Vétérinaires Alimentaires et Rurales - Gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Please send me an email if you'd like any information.

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Victor Mamou

Fondateur, A mon propre compte

Expert en préparation aux…

Boulogne | France


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Tessleen Vincent

Chef de secteur, Andros

A l'écoute d'opportunités

Périgueux | France

  • Current job title:Chef de secteurAndros
  • Previous job title:Responsable de secteur GMS Delpeyrat


• Profil Professionnel et personnel : Adaptabilité, réfléchie, créative et orientée objectifs

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Fabien Rigollier

CEO & Co-founder - Boxmyjob

Toulouse | France

  • Current job title:CEO & Co-founderBoxmyjob
  • Previous job title:Co-project managerCD1D


Add me on Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabienrigollier 4 years experience in IT development and project management for start ups, private companies and associations. Fluent in English and French.

Dan Moga

Responsable comptable international, Castorama - Kingfisher

Lille | France

  • Current job title:Responsable comptable internationalCastorama
  • Previous job title:Controle de gestionALSTOM Transport



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Romain Rolland

Organisateur Industriel, Renault

I'd like to develop my profess…

Béthune | France

  • Current job title:Organisateur IndustrielRenault
  • Previous job title:Superviseur de productionFlex n Gate


Currently in a permanent contract as Lean Manufacturing engineer at Renault Batilly (SOVAB)

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Stephanie Berthet

Global supply chain consultant for Shire, Akka Technologies

Sélestat | France

  • Current job title:Global supply chain consultant for ShireAkka Technologies
  • Previous job title:Logistics project officerPaul Hartmann SA


I graduated from a Strasbourg Business School in 2013. Since then, I have worked for the Hartmann group as a logistics project officer. I am interested in going further to develop the effectiveness of logistics processes in order to improve customer satisfaction. I chose to work in healthcare b...

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Nicolas Venancio

Project Engineer, Technip

Nîmes | France

  • Current job title:Project engineerTechnip
  • Previous job title:Structure EngineerTechnip


I am an ambitious, reliable and flexible team player and will always work to the best of my ability, and regardless of the role or project I will definitely ensure the work is completed to the highest standard. I am continuously looking for developing my skills and experience.

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Yann Seger

Senior projet manager, EDF Réunion

Sainte Clotilde | France

  • Current job title:Senior project managerEDF Réunion
  • Previous job title:French Sales ExecutiveMVF global

Amandine Hombert

Agent administratif, CPAM du Hainaut

Saultain | France

  • Current job title:Agent administratifCPAM du Hainaut
  • Previous job title:Conseillère en insertion professionnelleMission Locale jeunes du Valenciennois


A la recherche d'un poste en insertion socioprofessionnelle après 3 ans d'expérience en tant que conseillère en insertion professionnelle en mission locale. Je suis capable d'accueillir, d'orienter et d'aider à définir un projet professionnel pour un public jeunes demandeurs d'emploi.

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Julien Tauzin

Supply Chain Continuous Improvement, DCNS

I'd like to develop my profess…

Cognac | France

  • Current job title:Supply Chain Continuous ImprovementDCNS
  • Previous job title:Project ManagerSIMAIR


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