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Paris | France

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Nicolas Davoust

Manufacturing Engineer, Schlumberger

Paris | France

  • Current job title:Manufacturing EngineerSchlumberger
  • Previous job title:Wireline Field EngineerSchlumberger


contact : nicolasdavoust@gmail.com After 18 months as Wireline Field Engineer in South America (Brazil, Argentina) and Schlumberger Wireline School in Canada, it was time for me to come back to tech and production center, in France. My activities towards our suppliers provide me opportuniti...

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Joris Wagner

Techlog Commercialization Engineer, Schlumberger

Montpellier | France

  • Current job title:Techlog Commercialization EngineerSchlumberger

Virginie METZGER

EAF HQ - HR Representative, Schlumberger

Gestion de projets RH. Accompa…

Chaville | France

  • Current job title:OFS EAF & GSS Personnel RepresentativeSchlumberger
  • Previous job title:ResearcherNEUMANN INTERNATIONAL


Thibault Agbessi

Technical Communications Specialist, ATEXIS / SCHLUMBERGER

Montpellier | France

Olivier Amsellem

PhD in Material Science, Master in Mechanical Engineering

Paris | France

  • Current job title:Mechanical EngineerSCHLUMBERGER
  • Previous job title:Material Engineer- PhDSchlumberger


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Massinissa SEBAI

Continental Europe NExT Manager, Schlumberger

Rueil Malmaison | France

  • Current job title:NExT Manager, Continental Europe - Paris, La DefenseSchlumberger
  • Previous job title:Artificial Lift Business Development - North Africa, AlgeriaSchlumberger


Leadership, Integrity, Modesty, Fairness, New Challenges, Driven by results

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Vincent Cam

Process Improvement Manager, Schlumberger

Suresnes | France

  • Current job title:Process Improvement ManagerSchlumberger

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Emmanuelle Salgues (Cancel)

Hydrogeologue projet (Project Hydrogeologist), Schlumberger

Toulouse | France

  • Current job title:Hydrogeologue projet (Project Hydrogeologist)Schlumberger Water Services
  • Previous job title:Hydrogeologue (Staff Hydrogeologist)Schlumberger Water Services


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Schlumberger well intervention -coiled Tubing servies Equipment Operator, Schlum

I'd like to share my expertise

La Défense | France


To obtain employment in an international Oil and Gas services company where I could fully utilize my knowledge in well intervention services-coiled tubing services as Field Specialist

Paul-Antoine Bittner

R&D Software Engineer, Schlumberger

Compiègne | France

  • Current job title:R&D Software EngineerSchlumberger
  • Previous job title:Software Engineer TraineeSchlumberger


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Vincent De Montmollin

IT Quality Manager at Schlumberger

Paris Area, France | France

  • Current job title:IT Quality ManagerSchlumberger


James Grebmeier

Manufacturing Engineer, Downhole Testing, Schlumberger

Clamart | France


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    Eric Manzon

    Management Accounting / Controlling, Schlumberger

    Toulouse | France

    • Current job title:Management Accounting / ControllingSchlumberger


    Benoit Constantin

    Junior Sourcing Engineer, Schlumberger

    Carrières Sur Seine | France

    • Current job title:Sourcing TraineeSchlumberger
    • Previous job title:Consultant Engineer in the Test bench DepartmentAltran (mission at Thales Air Systems) -


    • Develops and Implements sourcing strategies with the goal of assuring specified quality, required delivery times and minimizing the total cost of the products and services • Participates in the selection and management of a high-performance supply base for assigned portfolio • Negotiates pr...

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    Brice CLEMENTE

    Business Development Manager, CofelyIneo GDF SUEZ

    Paris | France

    • Current job title:International Engineer / Coordinator WCSSchlumberger
    • Previous job title:Desk EngineerAREVA NP


    • Polyvalent engineer with international experience and a strong understanding of multicultural relations. • Knowledge of the Energy technologies related to the industrial supply, usage and transformation. • Team player with strong capabilities on project management, and Energy systems.

    70 contacts

    Eric Potin

    Enterprise Application Integration Manager at Schlumberger

    I'd like to develop my profess…

    Paris | France

    Program & Project Management, IT and Software

    Rémi GERRIET

    Technology transfer and social projects development

    Paris | France

    • Current job title:Manufacturing EngineerSchlumberger
    • Previous job title:Measurement While Drilling EngineerSchlumberger


    For the past 5 years, I have been working in various fields where I had the opportunity to consolidate my skills in mechanical design and new product development, production management, leadership, cross-functional flexibility and adaptability. Nowadays, my aim is to use those skills and experie...

    Maxime Bouffe

    Jakarta Technical Center Engineering Manager, Schlumberger

    Rumilly-Beaussart | France

    • Current job title:Jakarta Technical Center Engineering ManagerSchlumberger
    • Previous job title:Mechanical EngineerGeoservices


    50 contacts

    Matthieu Lauze

    student at EPITECH

    I'd like to develop my profess…

    Montpellier | France


    47 contacts

    Sébastien TÊTE

    Mechanical engineer student - Looking for a job

    Villeurbanne | France


    - Student at the engineer school INSA LYON in Mechanical Engineering until end of June 2012. I'm have already studied in a two-year degree Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Automation at the IUT B Lyon1 in Villeurbanne. I'm studied also Mechanical Engineering 6 months at the University of Bat...

    81 contacts


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