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Aurelien Lhermerout

Chef de Site, Clemessy Nuc.

Moulins-Les-Metz | France


Gifted with a versatil profile, I have adpated and overcome challenges on several occasions. I enjoy challenging jobs, that require mastering their technical attributes. I easily adpate to new work places and countries. I do not retreat easily, and when I do it is after trying every solutions I c...

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François Huber

CEO, Kemwatt

Rennes | France

  • Current job title:CEOKemwatt
  • Previous job title:International consultantMobilys


Kemwatt develops an electricity storage technology for stationary applications, based on a redox flow battery with unique features that make it inexpensive, safe and environmentally friendly.

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Adrien Jeannerot

Looking for a position as Project Manager in Switzerland

I'm an active job seeker

Saint-Nazaire | France


I’m an enthusiastic and open-minded young man, driven by the desire to meet new challenges, and very interested in the international. I’m always very involved in the achievement of tasks assigned to me, I have a strong ability to integrate myself into teams and I’m smiling and communicative. Aft...

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Romuald Dariot

Marketing - RH

I'm looking for new opportunit…

Tampon | France

  • Current job title:IngénieurRungo.biz


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Thierry Guillot

Directeur Administratif et Financier

I'm looking for new opportunit…

Paris | France

  • Current job title:Directeur Administratif et Financier OpérationnelSUEZ
  • Previous job title:Directeur du Contrôle Interne / responsable des Systèmes d'Information Financiers SUEZ


Actuellement à l'écoute de nouveaux challenges orientés sur des fonctions de : - Directeur Administratif et Financier - Directeur du Contrôle de Gestion - Directeur du Contrôle Interne - Directeur de l'Audit Interne Compétences clefs : - Business Partner et membre du Comité de Direction - Manag...

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Nkemjika Anselm

Mechanical Design Engineer, STELIA Aerospace

I'm an active job seeker

Toulouse | France

  • Current job title:Mechanical Design EngineerSTELIA Aerospace
  • Previous job title:Professional ThesisAirbus Group


A post graduate Aerospace | Mechanical engineer, my professional drive is built on hard work, consistency and excellence. My areas of interests are mainly transport and energy.

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David Servieres

Available for New Challenges

I'm an active job seeker

Riec-Sur-Belon | France

  • Current job title:Managing DirectorTechniques Surfaces (Thailand) Ltd - HEF Group
  • Previous job title:ASEAN Regional ManagerHEF Durferrit - HEF Groupe


16 years in Thailand brought me a solid multicultural work experience, mainly through three subsidiaries setup and operational management. Optimistic and having a strong combative spirit, I am realistic and equipped with a sense of direction guided by method. Clear and concise, I express myself ...

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Denoeud Aymeric

Country Manager Kuvut - Leaders in Participatory Marketing (WOM, Sampling...)

Paris | France


cross-functional and international experience ex-International Management trainee for S&N Group MBA

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Nicolas Robert

Field Tactical Engineer, Green Hills Software


  • Current job title:Field Tactical EngineerGreen Hills Software
  • Previous job title:CEO gloops VietnamGloops


Passionate for technics, game design and agile methodologies, I have a quite long background in technical management and game development, experience acquired at various positions and in different areas. I was first involved in the design, development and deployment of large application framewor...

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Guillaume 白书赫 D.

Export Sales Manager, Lifebox

Paris Area | France

  • Current job title:Export Sales ManagerLifebox
  • Previous job title:BuyerBrico Depot


I have spent six years in China. I learnt Chinese at the Shanghai Jiaotong University for three semesters. I can speak Mandarin and English fluently. I have a Master's Degree in International French-Chinese International Management. In China, I worked in the trading industry as a Category Sal...

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Thomas Debève

Chargé d'Affaires et d'Etudes, Nidaplast (Groupe Etex)

I'd like to develop my profess…

Dijon | France

  • Current job title:Chargé d'Affaires et d'EtudesNidaplast
  • Previous job title:Chargé de missions - stage 6 moisAssociation pour le Développement Opérationnel et la Promotion des Techniques Alternatives


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Leslie-Anne Jouanno

Design engineer, Akka Technologies

Saint Sébastien Sur Loire | France

  • Current job title:Ingénieur d'étudesAkka Technologies
  • Previous job title:Stagiaire ingénieur R&DInstitute of Biomedical Technologies


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Pearl W.

Ingénieur superviseur / Chef de projet Bases de Données

Nouméa | France

  • Current job title:Ingénieur superviseur bases de données/ Chef de projet pour le SESERDAVAR - Direction des Affaires Vétérinaires Alimentaires et Rurales
  • Previous job title:Guest Service AssistantPetro-Canada Pemberton


Direction des Affaires Vétérinaires Alimentaires et Rurales - Gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Please send me an email if you'd like any information.

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Victor Mamou

Fondateur, A mon propre compte

Expert en préparation aux…

Boulogne | France


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Tessleen Vincent

Chef de secteur, Andros

A l'écoute d'opportunités

Périgueux | France

  • Current job title:Chef de secteurAndros
  • Previous job title:Responsable de secteur GMS Delpeyrat


• Profil Professionnel et personnel : Adaptabilité, réfléchie, créative et orientée objectifs

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Fabien Rigollier

CEO & Co-founder - Boxmyjob

Toulouse | France

  • Current job title:CEO & Co-founderBoxmyjob
  • Previous job title:Co-project managerCD1D


Add me on Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabienrigollier 4 years experience in IT development and project management for start ups, private companies and associations. Fluent in English and French.

Romain Rolland

Organisateur Industriel, Renault

I'd like to develop my profess…

Béthune | France

  • Current job title:Organisateur IndustrielRenault
  • Previous job title:Superviseur de productionFlex n Gate


Currently in a permanent contract as Lean Manufacturing engineer at Renault Batilly (SOVAB)

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Stephanie Berthet

Global supply chain consultant for Shire, Akka Technologies

Sélestat | France

  • Current job title:Global supply chain consultant for ShireAkka Technologies
  • Previous job title:Logistics project officerPaul Hartmann SA


I graduated from a Strasbourg Business School in 2013. Since then, I have worked for the Hartmann group as a logistics project officer. I am interested in going further to develop the effectiveness of logistics processes in order to improve customer satisfaction. I chose to work in healthcare b...

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Nicolas Venancio

Project Engineer, Technip

Nîmes | France

  • Current job title:Project engineerTechnip
  • Previous job title:Structure EngineerTechnip


I am an ambitious, reliable and flexible team player and will always work to the best of my ability, and regardless of the role or project I will definitely ensure the work is completed to the highest standard. I am continuously looking for developing my skills and experience.

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Yann Seger

Senior projet manager, EDF Réunion

Sainte Clotilde | France

  • Current job title:Senior project managerEDF Réunion
  • Previous job title:French Sales ExecutiveMVF global

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