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Diversity and Equality International research project
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Du jeudi 14 avril 2011
au dimanche 13 avril 2014
Diversity and Equality International research project
International Research project and Handbook on Diversity Management at Work : country and thematic perspectives on diversity and equal treatment

Lead editor : Alain Klarsfeld, Co-editors : Lize Booysen, Gwendolyn Combs, Eddy Ng, Ian Roper, Ahu Tatli.
Following the success of the initial edition of the International Handbook on Diversity Management at Work (Klarsfeld, ed., 2010), I would like to edit one or more successive volumes, including more country chapters but also transverse thematic chapters each drawing on the country contributing teams, which implies that the book is a collaborative multi-team/multi-country research endeavor rather than one more publication. Writing/co-writing a country or thematic chapter implies being ready to answer questions from other thematic chapters’ author teams in a ‘gift exchange’ perspective. Two types of contributions are indeed expected: country chapters ; thematic chapters.
Country chapters follow a strict template: they cover a brief description of the context in which issues of equality and diversity arose, the criteria and areas of decisions covered by EEO/AA laws in their order of appearance, coverage in term of firm size and sectors, sanctions for non compliance, commitment of academia, the corporate world and the general public to equality and diversity ‘beyond’ equality, and include a standardized table. Chapters regarding countries already in the first handbook could be shorter and focus on updates (3 to 5000 words including references), whilst countries not included in the first edition can be longer (with a maximum of 10 000 words including references).
Thematic chapters are attempts at comparing all participating countries on specific dimensions relevant to equality and diversity by interviewing or surveying all country authoring teams. Thematic chapter author teams are preferably multi-country and undertake a first comparison exercise between their own respective countries, devise a short interview guide or questionnaire and make contact with other countries’ authors to collect further data. Some themes are pre-determined below while some other themes can be proposed beyond these. Pre-determined themes at this stage include comparison of legislations regarding gender, origin (such as race, ethnicity, nation, tribe, caste), age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and belief including comparison of enforcement mechanisms of EEO/AA legislations such as dedicated bodies (e.g., Human Rights Commission;EEOC;OFCCP) and comparison of sanctions; comparison of the degrees and modes of embracement of diversity management by firms in the country and effect thereof; relationship between diversity management/business case and EEO/AA legislations; perceptions of equality legislations by the general public across the participating countries; effect of recession/recovery on equality and diversity at work; backlash or removal of existing legislations. However proposals can address other themes. Thematic chapters should be 6 000 to 10 000 words including references.
If quality and quantity permit, two or more volumes will be considered rather than just one.

Until 1 September, 2011, declaration of intent regarding country chapters and thematic chapters to be sent to Alain Klarsfeld, editor, a.klarsfeld@esc-toulouse.fr with projected title, purpose, author names, affiliations and contacts.
1 February 2012 : first draft of chapters
1 August 2012 : response from editor
1 September 2012 : second draft of chapters
1 November 2012 : final acceptance decision from editor
1 August 2013 : release of the book

For more information, contact a.klarsfeld@esc-toulouse.fr
Organisateur :Alain Klarsfeld
Professeur, Toulouse Business School
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Fin :
jeudi 14 avril 2011 12h18
dimanche 13 avril 2014 12h18
(GMT+01:00) Bruxelles, Copenhague, Madrid, Paris
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Adresse :Toulouse Business School


Alain Klarsfeld | Professeur, Toulouse Business School
Alain Klarsfeld
Professeur, Toulouse Business School