Postdoctoral position in Biostatistics (1 year, renewable once)

lundi 10 décembre 2012
Virginie RONDEAU
Chercheur INSERM en Biostatistique, Consultant indépendant en Biostatistique
Bordeaux, France

A postdoctoral position in biostatistics is available in the Biostatistics team (Head: Daniel Commenges; ) within the INSERM Research Center "Epidemiology and Biostatistics" of the Bordeaux School of Public Health ( ). This school of Public Health is a reference in France, particularly for its work in biostatistics, and in the epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease, AIDS and Cancer. The Biostatistics team includes 11 permanent researchers for a total of 24 members. It develops in particular models for longitudinal data and survival data, as well as multi-state models.

The theme of the post-doctoral research is the development of dynamic biostatistical models for oncological applications. The first aim of this project is to develop a new model for analyzing simultaneously repeated measures of a biomarker and multiple events, both in the context of multiple failure types and in the context of recurrent events and a terminal event. A specific focus will be on dynamic predictive tools that can be derived from this joint model, and on new methods to evaluate its predictive accuracy. These developments will be applied in the context of prostate cancer progression after a radiation therapy, when repeated measures of PSA are collected along with multiple events such as clinical recurrence, death or possible initiation of a new treatment.
Along with these developments, this project aims at providing a friendly and accurate software tool associated with the statistical developments.

The fellowship is for a one year period (renewable once) beginning as early as February, 2013.

The post-doctoral work will be under the supervision of Cécile Proust-Lima and Virginie Rondeau and in collaboration with other oncologists or epidemiologists.


Applicants must have a doctoral degree in biostatistics. Candidates should have a strong quantitative background, experience working with high-level statistical programming in R and good knowledge of methods for analyzing survival data and/or longitudinal data; excellent written and oral communication skills; and ability to work independently and with collaborators.

Additional information: questions about this post-doc position should be addressed to Virginie Rondeau ( ).

To apply, send a cover letter describing your interest in the position and your skills in biostatistics and programming, as well as a detailed CV and possibly names and addresses of references, and one sample publication
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