Petals Studio 1.0 just released !

mardi 20 avril 2010
Mathieu Le Breton
Ingénieur - Géophysicien
Toulouse, France
Petals Studio 1.0 was released ! This is a small step for Petals and a cool step for developers.
As the first stable release, Petals Studio 1.0 includes a lot of enhancements, which will make your Petals life easier and faster.
Here are the main one :

* Unified Petals ESB Wizards
* Sketching for BPEL and SCA
* Organize the workspace by Projects or Services (endpoints)
* Text editor, with auto-completion, for JBI, SU and SA
* Extended validation for JBI, SU and SA
* Import existing WSDL with dependencies
* Project export
* Interaction with Petals ESB Server
* Compatible with Linux and Windows, 32 and 64 bit
* Bug fixes.

More details on this release + Screenshots :
Download Petals Studio 1.0 :
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