Alain Mellies

Alain Mellies

Chef d'entreprise-Consultant B2B PME & TPE

En poste chez AMConseil, Association Travail et Chômage, IAE Sorbonne, Agence ursulagrüber

Précédents : JTI Poland, RJR Poland, RJR-Nabisco, Olympus UK LTD


Précédents : Eurpean Business School


    En résumé

    Agence ursulagrüber Secteur : Conseil - Marketing et publicité Marketing and advertising material is cunningly crafted to capture and convince a specific target audience. To ensure this message delivers the same quality impact in various languages, you need partners with proven effective methods. ursulagrüber’s unbeatable track record is your guarantee of optimum ROI worldwide. Our copywriters are based all across the globe. They are carefully chosen for their excellent writing skills, language command and professionalism. Experts in translation, creative adaptation and transcreation, they specialize in a wide range of disciplines, including TV scripts, print ads, online advertising and website adaptations, corporate slogans, straplines, radio scripts, pitches, brochures, DM and promotional material. We will also provide local client and project management as well as market research and guidance for feasibility studies on creative concepts and copy adaptability/pertinence. Localisation : Paris - France Specialties:If you’re looking for just the right balance for your next multi-lingual campaign, we’ve got it: 1- A dynamic network of 250 professional copywriters and technical consultants based in more than 35 countries; 2-Centralized control of your content and tone of voice to safeguard the original concept and maximize its effectiveness; 3-Over 40 years' experience in adapting campaigns and promotional material for the world's most demanding advertisers and marketers.



Consultant indépendant

Chez AMConseil

De 2010 à aujourd'hui

Chargé de TD en Communication Organisation & Stratégie

Chez IAE Sorbonne

De 2006 à aujourd'hui

Consultant - bilans de compétences

Chez Association Travail et Chômage

De 2006 à aujourd'hui

Managing partner-Owner

Chez Agence ursulagrüber

De 2002 à aujourd'hui

Central Europe Comercial director

Chez JTI Poland

De 1999 à 2001

Central Europe Commercial director

Chez RJR Poland

De 1997 à 1999

Differentes fonctions Mktg & Ventes

Chez RJR-Nabisco

De 1987 à 1996

Brand manger

Chez Olympus UK LTD

De 1983 à 1986