Alexandre Ismail

Alexandre Ismail

Structural Biology & Business Development at BioQuanta

Paris, France

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Son parcours

  • Aujourd'hui

    Biologie Structurale et Systemique: les chemokines

    10 - 49 employés

  • Master en Biologie Systemique et Synthetique
  • , Villejuif


    Biotechnology - MA
  • Aujourd'hui

    Bus.Dev: applying virtual screening to REACH toxicity characterization

    10 - 49 employés

  • Aujourd'hui

    Molecular Modeling Consultant

    Avatar Biotechnologies

    Predicting stability and shape of novel modifications to existing therapeutic proteins.

    Mutagenesis sites were rationally selected, saving hundreds of dollars per construct that no longer needed to be screened for activity in the lab.

    A detailed structural analysis was also used as technical documentation in the successful support of a patent application for the client's experimental methods.

    A portfolio of potential targets for modification among currently marketed therapeutic proteins was also generated.
  • , New York City

    Hunter College CUNY

    Biochemistry - BA

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structural biology new methods of modeling biological systems New Kind of Science NKS protein structure molecular structure road biking fencing snorkeling and diving

Sa présentation

Dear colleagues,

I'm excited about bringing you some news from our corner of the industry!

Here at BioQuanta, we have developed a virtual screening system to identify the toxicity potential of a molecule based on comparison to 3-dimensional pharmacophore libraries of compounds known to be toxic.

Our most recent development is an interactive version of our virtual screening report. The results are now presented in an HTML format incorporating interactive 3D visualization, searchable and sortable results, as well as links to external databases for additional information.

From REACH to R&D - take a second look at your molecules with our pharmacophore screening.

The new demo version is available at the BioQuanta HTVS link.
BioQuanta HTVS

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