Amélie Lefevre

Amélie Lefevre

Process/product Engineer, Imerys, Barcelona

En poste chez Imerys, Paris (75)

Précédents : Imerys, Lompoc CA (USA), Imerys, Andersonville-GA (USA), Imerys, Clérac (17), TERREAL, Roumazières Loubert (16), Bouygues Construction, Quille, Compiègne (60), Saint Gobain Gyproc


Précédents : ENSCI (Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Céramique Industrielle), ENSCI


Product Engineer

Chez Imerys, Paris (75)

De janvier 2012 à aujourd'hui
Technical support in filtration in Europe (Russia, Czech Republic, England, France...) • Implementation of a new filtration product with breweries spread in Europe • Optimization of filtration process in the customer plant → Savings of 5-10k€/plant • New products and equipments development in ...
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Process Engineer

Chez Imerys, Lompoc CA (USA)

De juin 2011 à décembre 2011
Water balance of three processing facilities → Savings of $22 k/year • Localization of water leaks and inappropriate usage • Detection and resolution of a programming issue for the rinse filter • Laboratory study and scale trial to maximize the slurry concentration during the flotation process of ...
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Process Engineer

Chez Imerys, Andersonville-GA (USA)

De juin 2010 à juin 2011
Mass balance of the processing facilities • Identification of the weight scales reliability issues→ Calibration and replacement • Implementation of an automatic mass flow instrumentation Increase of the density of the product (key parameter in the refractory sector) • Extrusion process ...
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Process Engineer

Chez Imerys, Clérac (17)

De janvier 2010 à mai 2010
Optimize mixtures of raw materials and solve problems of calcination • New interpretation and control of the programming model used for the blending of the clays → Enhancement of the quality of the product • Principal component analysis on the calcination parameters→ Problems identification • ...
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Process Engineer

Chez TERREAL, Roumazières Loubert (16)

De janvier 2009 à mai 2010
Reduce gas and electricity consumption in the factory • Examine potential process failures and evaluate risk priorities • Define performance indicators to control consumption • Propose alternatives solutions for reducing consumption

ENSCI (Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Céramique Industrielle), Limoges

Material Engineer

De septembre 2006 à novembre 2009
Concentration Processes Engineering and building materials: process engineering, ceramic materials, quality, management, energetic consumption, inventory control, accounting, hygiene and safety, modeling tools (Comsol, Labview)

Civil Engineer

Chez Bouygues Construction, Quille, Compiègne (60)

De avril 2009 à septembre 2009
Construction of 31 apartments building • Definition of standard operating procedures with the Method Department • Control and analyze the use of specialized concrete • Verify operation site, coordinate subcontractors, control budget (..)

Research Engineer

Chez Saint Gobain Gyproc

De avril 2008 à juin 2008
Project on the effects of set retarders on gypsum plaster  Interpretation of the setting profile of the gypsum plaster during the addition of chemicals  Development of a classification method of the different retarders