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Angélique Galliot


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Précédents : DAVA - Académie De Versailles - VAE, Investment/Bank, Partenaire Foncier, ORGANISME DE FORMATION, Renting Investment


Précédents : Promoteur/Immobilier, Profession Libérale, Constructeur , Pret à porter


    En résumé

    Ma page FB: I look for an employment with functions of assistante-juridique/experte/stagiaire-juriste My years of jobs allowed me to perfect: The training of a commercial team /the constitution of a customer wallet/the preparation/writing of the legal acts in the sale or the rent/the follow-up of a file until its conclusion The objective of the diploma is to assure a correct functioning of the market by respecting the harmonized rules/decrees/business ethics of my duty of advice He allows me to have other professional openings to complete my skills so much on the point of view:  Social  Economique  Commercial  Diploma of study upper Thank you for having read me ( ARE: 153days) (for the pictures) for the citation)



Investment/Bank, Essonne

Renting investment / Application / training of the banking reformsInvestissement Locatif/Application

De septembre 2013 à février 2016
Objective realized of more than 3 000 000 € of financing Training on the insurances How to sign a loan offer Advantages/inconveniences of an investment property Conditions of obtaining of a loan/real estate Analyzes buyers various Barometer of the real estate rates

Responsable BV

Chez Promoteur/Immobilier

De février 2013 à février 2016
Link of the sold buildings of which i participated in the sale Figures actés approximate of +15 000 000€ Connaissances/administratives/juridiques/commerciales/économiques/financières/accounting(countable)/fiscal How to sell housing (an Accommodation) has a buyer Weekly ...
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Agent Mandataire/Auteur

Chez Profession Libérale

De septembre 2010 à février 2014
Figures realized +2 000 000€ The conclusion/the execution and the break of the working relationship o Taken into account of the responsibility o Analysis of the legal status of the people Sell of the former (mandate of sale at the signature of the authentic act ) To sell the good in ...
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Chez Constructeur

De septembre 2001 à décembre 2009
Realized objectives: 25 080 000€ of the sold properties(goods) / actés / finished Objectives realized by 5 250 000€ (except(off) land tax) Town planning / architecture / contracts Notion of property law/divisions of property law Property right (straight) in the ...
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Renting Investment, Essonne

Real estate duty of claim / financing of the private individual

De septembre 2002 à mars 2006
Objective realized by financing of + 15 000 000€ How to present a taux/une claim(debt) The obligations(bonds) of the councillor(adviser) The application / presentation of the new social benefits The rate ribord Difference between a variable rate / fixes How to verify the financial ...
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B to B

De septembre 2003 à novembre 2004
Audit / try under recording of camera Evaluations of the verbale/reconnaissance speech of the various commercial techniques Selling strategy Marketing b to b

Partenaire Foncier, Evry

Duty of advice(council)

De novembre 2003 à juin 2004
Figures realized approximate +1 000 000€ How to recognize the vrd Duty of advice Respect for dresses in the face of a construction site Explanations of the various legal contracts (puv etc.) To analyze and to estimate the situation of the customer/prospect Development of a ground plane ...
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Partenaire Foncier, Montfort L'Amaury

Town planning/land tax

De janvier 2003 à octobre 2003
Figure realized of + 1 875 000€ To spot the constraints How to read land surveyor's plan (demarcation / mass) Gratitude(recognition) of the architectural obligations(bonds) Anticipate / budget the technical adaptations according to the studies of ground Determine a ...
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Chez Pret à porter

De juillet 2001 à août 2001

Responsable Adjointe/Merchandiser

Chez Pret à porter

De octobre 1999 à juin 2001


  • Analyser et améliorer les performances
  • Bug Tracking System
  • Communication
  • Devoir de conseil
  • exell
  • Gestion administrative
  • Gestion de la relation client
  • Gestion du stress
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