Antonin Lacombe

Antonin Lacombe

VP of Engineering, Yescapa

Développe son réseau professionnel

En poste chez Yescapa

Précédents : Yescapa, VidiBee, 1000Heads, Ripple Motion, IESPM, Mc donalds, Mc Dolands


Précédents : IUT De Nantes, Lycée Nicolas Appert


    En résumé

    I'm Python/Django backend software developer in Bordeaux (FR). For the last 5 years, I intensively worked with Python and Django, designing backend applications. From the data model to the multiple APIs used by clients like iPhones, iPads, Android devices or web applications, my skills span the whole chain of technologies. Popular server software like memcached, RabbitMQ and Celery are amongst my everyday tools. On the client side, I also worked on iOS development for 4 years, I'm familiar with common iOS frameworks and Objective-C/Cocoa design patterns. During this period, I have worked on both server and client sides for many French applications, like €ssence, the first iPhone Cheapest Gas Station Finder for the French market which became one of the 10 most sold iPhone App in France for 2008, Val d’Isère Ski Guide, and some other applications for international companies like Orange, SFR, BlueKiwi, and Kwarter.


VP of Engineering

Chez Yescapa

De février 2016 à aujourd'hui
I manage a team of 5 persons in Yescapa, We use Agile and more precisely Scrum as method to get the job done. I'm also in charge of the backend development using Python and Django. I still use AWS (EC2, ELB, RDS, S3 and autoscaling) for my architecture. The data are manage via a cluster of ...
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Technical Lead

Chez Yescapa

De septembre 2014 à février 2016
As technical lead on the website, european leader on motor home private renting I am in charge of developing the backend with Python/Django, the website architecture and the devOPS. The architecture is based Amazon EC2 with an autoscaling setup. I wrote some key pieces of ...
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Technical Lead

Chez VidiBee

De octobre 2013 à août 2014
In charge all the technical work: - backend and APIs (using Python/Django), - iOS app development, - video management (avconv, ffmpeg) - devOps on Debian and Ubuntu systems I’m in charge of developing all the parts of the application named VidiBee. I make the Backend and the fronted part. For ...
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Python/Django developer

Chez 1000Heads

De juillet 2013 à octobre 2013
I worked for a project named WOMTrack which was a social marketing measurement and productivity suite. I used during my days new development tools like Vargrant et Fabric. During this time I worked with a lot of social media API and playd with huge database (many millions of row). Of course I ...
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mobile application and server backend development

Chez Ripple Motion

De septembre 2010 à juillet 2013
During my work at Ripple Motion, I made some iPhone and iPad applications and at the same time I made backend servers applications. I worked on application like €ssence (a French cheapest gas localization app) which have daily approximately 50k users. I also worked on FanCake application (an US ...
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IUT De Nantes, Nantes

3 year Electronics and IT technical degree (license professionnel), IUT de Nantes

De septembre 2009 à septembre 2010
3 year Electronics and IT technical degree (French License professionnel), Systeme Electronique et Informatique Communicant With Honors (Mention Bien)

Maintenance support technician

Chez Ripple Motion

De août 2009 à septembre 2010
During this period I was in sandwich course for my 3 year IT technical degree (French Licence Professionnelle Systèmes électroniques et Informatiques communicants (SEICOM)) , 15 days at Ripple Motion and 15 days at the Nantes University Institute of Technology. I was in charge of maintain the work ...
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integration of BTS Project Software


juillet 2009
school project integration during 1 week on the company

Lycée Nicolas Appert, Orvault


De septembre 2007 à juin 2009
2 year Development and Network technical degree (French BTS I.R.I.S.), Informatique et Réseau pour l'Industrie et les Services With Honors (Mention assez bien)

Polyvalent team member

Chez Mc donalds

De juillet 2007 à août 2007
kitchen an clean work at Mc Donald's during the summer

Lycée Nicolas Appert, Orvault

Génie Electronique, Baccalauréat

De septembre 2004 à août 2007
mention assez bien

Polyvalent team member

Chez Mc Dolands

De juillet 2006 à août 2006
kitchen an clean work at Mc Donald's during the summer


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