Arnaud Chapon

Arnaud Chapon

Responsable de laboratoire Maintenance et RP / Mesures, CERAP

Mondeville, France

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Son parcours

  • Aujourd'hui
    Août 2015

    Responsable de laboratoire Maintenance et RP / Mesures

    200 - 499 employés

    I am in charge of the building of a laboratory welcoming an accelerator of electrons. Electrons beam produces X-rays using a conversion target, which are employed to calibrate radiation survey meters using a methodology I developped. I am involved in the qualification of the beam, the quality of the process and the development of further applications.

    New applications include irradiation of electronic components for space and aeronautical industry, radiobiology experiments, sterilization of medical devices... Both a direct electrons beam and X-rays are available up to 3.5 MeV in energy and 1 mA in current.

    Furthermore, the laboratory includes a liquid scintillation counter for measurements of liquids and swipe assays.
  • Aujourd'hui
    Juillet 2015
    Février 2014

    Chercheur en physique

    LPC Caen

    I was in charge of optimisation and metrological validation of radioprotection and nuclear measurement protocols applied by CERAP ("Conseils et Etudes en RAdioProtection"). My focus areas were liquid scintillation and gamma spectrometry but I was also involved in sizing and homogeneity control of biological protections. I was developing a common simulation tool (based on Geant4) for radioprotection and nuclear measurements and contributed to other R&D projects initiated by CERAP.

    Radioprotection and nuclear measurements:
    competent person in radiation protection (PCR)
    gamma spectroscopy
    liquid scintillation counting (LSC)
    beta and gamma counters

    R&D activities:
    common simulation tool (based on Geant4) for radioprotection and nuclear measurements
    system of distant radiation mapping based on individual counters of workers

    Development of simulation and analysis tools:
    python, C++, Geant4
    mercurad, genie2000/isocs, pascalys
  • Personne Compétente en Radioprotection (PCR)
    Secteur industrie/recherche, options sources scellées, générateurs X et sources non scellées
  • Aujourd'hui
    Janvier 2014
    Février 2012

    Chercheur en physique (post-doc)

    CPPM Marseille

    I was involved in the optoelectronic characterization of infrared 2Kx2K pixelated detectors which will be a part of the EUCLID space mission of dark energy mapping (2020), which is optimized for two independent primary cosmological probes: BAO and WL. I was also in charge of the development of simulation and analysis tools for the experiment.

    Environment of the detectors:
    mounting of a cleanroom
    identification and measurement of extremely low-backgrounds
    experience in an underground environment (Modane, 4800 mwe)
    use of statistical tests
    pumping and cryogenic systems
    control and reduction of heat sources (blackbody radiation)

    Optoelectronic performances of the detectors:
    mounting of an elecronic chain
    data acquisition and monitoring
    use of central computing facility and batch processing

    Development of simulation and analysis tools:
    C++, STL, Geant4, Root, Boost
    configuration of a SVN server

    During this period, I also had ooportunity to coach some courses (Bsc degree):
    "Caractérisation d’un détecteur infrarouge HgCdTe"
    "Etude du rayonnement d’un corps noir comme source de lumière IR"
    "Les contraintes de la cosmologie sur les propriétés du neutrino"
  • Aujourd'hui
    Octobre 2011
    Octobre 2008

    Chercheur en physique (thèse)

    LPC Caen

    Double-beta decay measurement of 100Mo to the excited 0+ state of 100Ru in the Nemo3 experiment; R&D program for SuperNEMO: development of a BiPo detector to measure ultra low contaminations in the source foils.

    The Nemo3 detector was designed for the study of double beta decay and in particular the search for neutrinoless double beta decay (0νββ). The quantity of 100Mo in the detector (7 kg) allows also a competitive measurement of the two-neutrino double beta decay (2νββ) of 100Mo to the excited 0+ state of 100Ru (eeNγ channel). Monte-Carlo simulations of the effect and of all the possible sources of background have been studied in order to determine their contributions to the full Nemo3 experimental data (2003–2011). These one have then been analysed: the 2νββ decay half-life has been measured, and a limit on the 0νββ decay has been obtained.
    Moreover, the SuperNEMO experiment aims to reach a sensitivity up to 10^26 years on the half-life of neutrinoless double beta decay. The SuperNEMO detector radioactivity has to be as low as possible. Especially radiopurity levels of 2 μBq/kg in 208Tl and 10 μBq/kg in 214Bi are required for the source foils. The gamma-spectrometry can not measure such low contamination levels. Hence, a BiPo dedicated detector has been developped to measure 208Tl and 214Bi contaminations, identifing the (Bi → Po → Pb) β−α chains. A proof of principle has been performed and the detector background has been measured. Assuming these values, a full BiPo detector of 3.6m2 can achieve the required sensitivities for the SuperNEMO source foils within six months of measurement.
  • Université Caen Basse Normandie

  • Aujourd'hui
    Juin 2011
    Octobre 2008

    Enseignant (moniteur)

    Université de Caen

    General physics - Bsc degree, 40h
    Nuclear physics - Msc degree, 18h
    Propagation of uncertainty - Bsc degree, 7.5h

    Scientific computing - Bsc degree, 24h
    Biophysics - Bsc degree, 20h
    General physics - Bsc degree, 20h

    Scientific computing - Bsc degree, 24h
    Biophysics - Bsc degree, 40h
    Solid-state physics and vibration - Bsc degree, 16h25
  • Université Caen Basse Normandie


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  • Innovation
  • Programmation objet
  • Radioprotection
  • Recherche
  • Simulations numériques
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  • Anglais

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    Vulgarisation et diffusion de la culture scientifiqueRecherche et développementsDéveloppement d'outils d'analyse et de simulationSports et voyages

    Sa présentation

    Le cœur même de mon travail est la recherche et l'innovation, auxquelles j'attache de profonds intérêts : ceux de la curiosité, de la réflexion, de la collaboration, de l'aboutissement.

    Après une formation dans le domaine de la physique des particules, c'est désormais en matière de mesure nucléaire et de radioprotection que j'ai développé une expertise. Je suis en charge de la mise en œuvre d'une méthode innovante de vérification de l'étalonnage d'appareils de radioprotection et du développement de solutions d'irradiations contrôlées pour des applications variées.

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    Bernard Noyer
    • Responsable de la Business Line Instrumentation, CERAP
    Danny Ramanjooloo
    Jonathan Livin
    Nawelle Boutamine

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