Benjamin Lemaire

Benjamin Lemaire

Consultant social media (10 ans d'expérience)

Paris, France

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Son parcours

  • Aujourd'hui
    Octobre 2015



    Socialtubers management (instagramer, viner, tweep, facebooker, youtuber...)
    - Communication (publicity, social media/CM, media training...)
    - Career (council, production, partnerships, diversification...)
    - Monetization (endorsment, network, MCN, co-branding...)
    - Structuring (financial, juridical, legal, fiscal, company...)

    Brand content consulting
    - Strategic et artistic recommendations
    - Celebrity endorsement / Sponsoring / PR / product placement
    - Writing / Execution / Production
    - Media buying
  • Aujourd'hui
    Octobre 2015
    Mai 2015

    Artistic director

    YouTube Label

    Youtubers management (with 1 assistant)
    - Recruitment
    - Production
    - Art direction
    - Endorsment
    - Social accounts certifications
    - 360° management

    Owned & operated channels
    - Brand content
    - Product placement
    - Partnerships
  • Aujourd'hui
    Mai 2015
    Mars 2012

    Social media manager

    Les cinémas Gaumont Pathé

    New social media strategy:
    - Created a new community management strategy
    - Created Twitter account
    - Implemented a new editorial strategy (each network has its own tone)
    - Etablished a customer support on social media
    - Delocalized 70+ Facebook pages administration to local team (40+ community managers)
    - Created report documents, processes and documentations
    - Defined KPI and metrics

    Daily community management (with 1 community manager):
    - Monitor measurements of marketing campaigns on social media
    - Manage digital campaigns for theaters opening, reopening and build works
    - Increase community size and engagement
    - Monitor environment scanning and strategic surveillance (daily reporting and crisis management policy)
    Accomplishments: publications (newspapers, TV, blogs, websites) about our tone on social medias, reach +45%, fans +205%

    Brand content:
    - Created YouTube channels
    - Co-organized masterclasses live on YouTube (with Ang Lee, JJ Abrahms...)
    - Manage rights through YouTube CMS
    - Manage video creation and production (tutorial, editorial...)
    - Manage suppliers
    Accomplishment: 2nd french brand on YouTube (3M views / month)

    Internal digital communications
    - Set up of an internal social network (Yammer)

    Les cinémas Gaumont Pathé:
    681 M€ annual turnover
    1200 employees
    70+ theatres in France (leader)
  • Aujourd'hui
    Novembre 2011

    Social media manager (consultant)

    Orange Business Services

    Social media B2B strategy: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn

    Blogs management:
    - 7 blogs (cloud computing, customer relationship, e-health, united communications, security, connecting technology, enterprising business) written by various experts employed at Orange in french and in english
    - Management of bloggers (editorial planning, video production, assistance...)
    - New bloggers recruitment

    Customer support:
    - Created process between social media and customer support teams
    - Customer support policy on social medias
  • Aujourd'hui

    Support manager (as a consultant)

    +5000 employés

    Internal communications

    Processes optimization:
    - Setting up new support process between worldwide users (France, Brazil, China and Singapour) and support service
    - Creating a 3 levels user support
    - Creating new documentation
  • Aujourd'hui

    Digital producer (freelance)

    200 - 499 employés

    Client: Nokia Store France

    Customer care
    Studies for new webstore with all European countries
  • Aujourd'hui

    Community manager

    +5000 employés

    Client : Danone / Renault F1

    Creation of community for Danone
    Webmastering for Doctissimo websites (,…), Renault and various clients
  • Aujourd'hui

    Communications manager

    Parc de la Villette

    - Managed website updates
    - Assisted in the creation of the new website
    - Created a digital PR programme
    - Created 5 blogs for events
  • Université René Descartes - Paris V / Sorbonne

    ATC, campus COMOR
  • SRC

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Ses compétences

  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Danse
  • Marketing
  • Musique
  • Photographe
  • Théâtre
  • Webmaster
  • Community management

Sa présentation


I created my first website in 2001 (about a video game) and my blog Quo Vadis? in 2004. Since, I founded Soul Kitchen in 2006, a blog about independent music where I directed 100+ unplugged sessions featuring Justin Bieber, Florence + The Machine and many others. In 2010, I co-founded and directed P20RIS, a music webserie (2 seasons) where I filmed 20 artists in the 20 districts of Paris (5M views). I also directed live to tape concert, including "Lilly Wood & The Prick au Trianon"​ shown in 40+ theaters.

I'm a multi-skilled and dynamic person who like combining my personal interests to my professional skills to work the best I can. That's why I became a social media manager. I love creating, innovating, testing and achieving! As I've been freelance for a long time, I can work in fast-paced environment and have a high integration capacity. And I like chocolate and blue tea.

I perfectly manage social medias for brands or people as a communication channel to reach and recruit new clients, or as a customer support channel to answer clients'​ questions. Through my experiences I learned to work in international context (english or french) and can work with many departments to manage a project or solve an issue.

After 3 years managing social media strategy for Les cinémas Gaumont Pathé in France and 6 months in a startup as a YouTube artistic director, I founded SocialTube to manage new influencers (youtubers, instagramers, viners etc.) and create brand contents with them. I also work as a consultant to manage digital influence of french movie stars.

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