Benjamin Pelletier

Benjamin Pelletier

Chercheur, DBV Technologies

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Précédents : Inserm, Bio-Rad Laboratories, IMMUTEP S.A.


Précédents : Ecole Supérieure Des Technologies Des Biomolécules De Bordeaux


    En résumé

    Initially, I graduated from ENSTBB in 2005 as a Biotechnological Engineer (Master's degree). I work at the moment as a Researcher in a French biotechnological company named DBV Technologes. Recently, I had been working for Bio-Rad Laboratories as a Project Leader in the Immuno Hematology division. My main tasks led me to coordinate a team of two technicians and to supervise projects to produce monoclonal antibodies targeting red blood cell antigens used in the Luminex (Bioplex) technology for the development of diagnostic tests. This job allowed me to acquire a solid knowledge in Hematology and organization and communicative skills. Before this experience, I used to work as a Research Engineer in a company specialized in immunotherapy and was in charge of the Research Department. My responsibilities consisted in discovering and characterizing the effects of immunostimulating proteins (therapeutic antibodies and recombinant vaccines) targeting human activated T cells and dendritic cells in oncology, infectious disease and autoimmune disorder experimental models. In order to study the potency of these molecules, my work led me to practice a broad range of techniques used in the different fields applied to Biology such as molecular biology, cellular biology and biochemistry. Besides, in order to support my research investigations, I could acquire a proven proficiency in designing in vitro cell based assays by having the responsibility to develop and validate immunological experiments in order to analyse the functional properties of these molecules on the host immune response (cell binding assay, phenotypings, apoptosis assay, cytokine release by Multiplex, cell cytotoxicity and proliferation assays). Therefore, with these projects, I could gain a real flexibility, autonomy and solid skills in Immunology.




Chez DBV Technologies

De avril 2014 à aujourd'hui
Caractérisation des mécanismes immunologiques induits par le traitement de désensibilisation EPIT.

Ingénieur d'étude

Chez Inserm

De mars 2011 à avril 2014
En charge de mener le projet ERC HYGIENE (European Research Councils) (Pr. Jean François Bach): • Etude des mécanismes immunologiques et cellulaires impliqués dans l’allergie, l’asthme et les maladies auto-immunes. • Générer des protocoles expérimentaux pour développer des modèles murins de ...
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Project Leader

Chez Bio-Rad Laboratories

De 2009 à 2011
From June 2009-January 2011 (1 ½ year): Project Leader in Bio-Rad Laboratories (France, Immuno-Hematology Division): In charge of: - Coordinating projects inside the Monoclonal Antibodies department. - Supervising a team of two technicians. In charge of managing projects for the development, ...
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Research Engineer


De 2005 à 2009
In charge of three projects in the Research department: 1) Characterization of the inflammatory effects of IMP321 (LAG-3 soluble recombinant protein) clinical grade on Human PBMCs. Take part in the publication: A Soluble Form of Lymphocyte Activation Gene-3 (IMP321) Induces Activation of a ...
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De 2004 à 2005
From September 2004 to March 2005 (6 months): Internship as an Engineer in Immutep S.A. (France) Internship Subject: Development, optimization and validation of the production of IMP361 / IMP362. - Selection and clonings of CHO cell lines. - Protein expression analysis (biochemical ...
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  • Biochemistry
  • Cellular biology
  • Immunology
  • Molecular biology

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