Claude GIRE

Claude GIRE

Digital SubChips Integration, Texas Instruments

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Précédents : Université Grenoble 1 Joseph Fourier, POLYTECH'GRENOBLE


Digital SubChips Integration

Chez Texas Instruments

De janvier 2008 à aujourd'hui
In charge of digital filters integration for baseband devices: model delivery, integration of VHDL modules, functional simulations. In charge of Audio Sub-System IPs : RTL integration, synthesis and verification support; ensure module delivery. ECO implementation, LEC, and integration of ...
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Digital IP design engineer (Power Management)

Chez Texas Instruments

De septembre 2006 à aujourd'hui
In charge of digital Power Management from specification to production : participate to specification with customer, architecture definition, implementation, verification support, silicon validation (design issues follow up, design fix implementation -ECO- and validation) and customer support. In ...
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Digital IP design Engineer (Signal Processing)

Chez Texas Instruments

De 1994 à septembre 2006
In charge of architecture definition, implementation, simulations of - digital filters for wireless applications: Baseband and Voiceband Codec, SINC filters, Multirate digital filters (FIR and IIR) - digital modulators for wireless applications (GMSK, QPSK, 8PSK, EDGE) Strongly involved in ...
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Team and Project leader

Chez Texas Instruments

De janvier 1999 à septembre 2001
Leading a team of 5 digital design engineers Project leader for several ICs and test chips: participate to project definition, design, TOP level simulations, silicon validation and support until Release to Production



De septembre 1991 à septembre 1994
informatique, microelectronique

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