Cyril Gisbert

Cyril Gisbert

R&D Engineer in RTE

En poste chez RTE - Réseau de transport d'électricité

Précédents : EDF R&D, EDF-CNEPE, Vergnet Eolien, Aerospatiale Batteries (ASB), Université of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


Précédents : Skema Business School, Ecole Centrale De Lille, Lycée Pothier, Lycée Marguerite De Navarre


    En résumé

    Since 2013/11, I work in RTE as an R&D engineer in the "system expertise" department. I'm in charge of the implementation of new methods to evaluate and optimize the exchange capacities in Central West Europe, thanks to the electrical network interconnexions. My education consisted in a double degree: - Technical specialization at the Centrale Lille School: Electrical Energy and Sustainable Development. - Master of Science in Skema Business School Program and Project Management & Business Development. My area of specialization in the Centrale Lille School is built on a solid knowledge in electrical engineering such as machine control and modeling, energy mix, power conversion, electricity market, control of the conversion chain, energy efficiency and renewable energy. I also integrated a chair on the electrical system, which provides an understanding of the main technical, economical and political issues nowadays in the field of electricity production, transport and distribution. I also attended conferences about the electricity markets, the smart grids, the system services. The Business School Skema allowed me to get an anglophone education in project management and business development. This master has the pedagogic purpose to apply management skills in any organization and industry, with the particularity to prepare current and future international and multicultural environments. About my personal interests, I'm fond of sports, played and attended (handball, football, tennis, squash, badminton, rugby...). And also, since my studies in Centrale Lille School, I have discovered an audiovisual interest, about writing, realizing and editing videos.


R&D Engineer

Chez RTE - Réseau de transport d'électricité

De novembre 2013 à aujourd'hui
In the "system expertise" department, I'm in charge of the implementation of new methods to evaluate and optimize the exchange capacities in Central West Europe. The final objective is to provide to power exchanges consistant interconnections capacities to maximize the social surplus.

R&D engineer, project "Storage Economics" (intern)

Chez EDF R&D

De avril 2013 à septembre 2013
End-of-studies internship in the department Economic and Technical Analysis of Energy Systems. Integrated into the project economy of storage, the mission deals with economy, optimization and modeling of storage in electricity markets.

Ecole Centrale De Lille, Villeneuve D'Ascq

Engineer, Ecole Centrale de Lille

De 2009 à septembre 2013
General and Electrical Engineering - Third year specialized in Electrical Engineering

Civil Engineer (intern)


De janvier 2012 à juillet 2012
Design Engineer for 6 months within a service concerned by cooling towers of nuclear powerplants. In charge of a study about scaling causes and consequences in French nuclear plants, and implied in the drafting of civil engineering maintenance plans.

Project manager in logistics and production (intern)

Chez Vergnet Eolien

De mai 2011 à décembre 2011
Internship of 6 months in the Production service of the first French manufacturer of wind generators. In charge of the implementation of an industrial and transversal ERP (production software), and initiator of a new optimization and ergonomy project of production posts.

Researcher in Environmental Engineering Department (intern)

Chez Université of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

De juin 2010 à août 2010
Study focused on the aerosols emissions in the atmosphere, based on Matlab and Excel analysis and modeling.


Chez Aerospatiale Batteries (ASB)

De janvier 2010 à février 2010
Immersion in the industrial world for the first year in engineering school, within a production workshop of thermal batteries, with a role in production and reorganization.

Lycée Pothier, Orleans

Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Science, Lycée Pothier

De 2007 à 2009
Preparatory Classes


  • Adobe creative suite
  • Business development
  • C
  • C++
  • CSS
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electricity markets
  • EMTP
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  • audiovisual
  • badminton
  • board games
  • cinema
  • computing
  • football
  • handball
  • music
  • rugby
  • sport
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