Damien Goldenberg

Damien Goldenberg

DevOps Engineer, TraxAir

Passionate by DevOps and new technologies

Précédents : ESIEA, IN'TECH INFO, Epitech


Précédents : TraxAir, Wemanity, Banque de France, ONE2TEAM, Zamiren


    En résumé

    Dynamic student passionate by computing. in my business-oriented studies, I developed and supervised 5 technical projects Those gave me the opportunity to practice my skills (programming, security, system, networking, architectures ...) and whose objective is to develop a viable solution for a client. In parallel, I participated in 5 non technical projects which were aimed to develop complementary skills such as: management, organization, communication, training, sales ... I am finishing my studies as DevOps engineer in Wemanity company into their RD lab for two years


ESIEA, Paris

BADGE: Sécurtié offensive, BADGE: Sécurtié offensive

De février 2016 à juillet 2016

DevOps Engineer

Chez TraxAir

De mars 2015 à février 2016
Mission: Manage infrastructure in the cloud, establishing the software factory, setting up continuous delivery. Tasks: - Puppet module development (mesos, marathon, docker swarm ...) - Create docker containers (rest services, queue services, gpu) - Set up a continuous integration based on ...
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., Systèmes et Réseaux

De mars 2011 à février 2016
OS & Networks : Linux, Windows, OSI model, Netfilter, cryptography principle , security principle Langage : Perl, Python, JavaScript, Bash, power shell, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 Framework : Scapy, Django, Jquery, Raphaël, Bootstrap, AngularJS Project Management : classic and agile methods , opportunity ...
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DevOps, SIAM / BEE

Chez Banque de France

De juillet 2014 à décembre 2014
Mission : Setting up automatic deployment from the development environment to Production for several internal projects in France bank. Automated installation of middlewares or software composents for the software factory. Tasks : - Packaging of the application with ant or maven - Creating the ...
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DevOps Consultant

Chez Wemanity

De juillet 2014 à février 2015
WEMANITY is an innovative consulting & digital company. We think we are about to embark on a revolution and pioneer a new way of doing business. With agility & our home-made innovations, We passionately believe we can change the world of consulting. We are a community gathering agile pioneers & ...
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DevOps engineer


De septembre 2013 à février 2014
Mission : Manage infrastructure, automate administrative operations by developing tools, integration and contribute to new upstream technical team selection with teamwork in agile method. Tasks : - Create a Python package (eg : manage SSH protocol (ssh, sftp ...) with mutliprocessing and process ...
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web developer

Chez Zamiren

De juillet 2012 à août 2012
Developement of a visualization system data from a electrical networks by using HTML 5 technologies.

Epitech, Perreux


De septembre 2010 à mars 2011
Langage : C, SQL OS : Linux


  • Agiles methods
  • Amazon Web Services
  • AngularJS
  • Bash
  • C
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • CSS 3
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