Emir Hakimi

Emir Hakimi

COO - QA Engineer, RogerVoice

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Précédents : Intuitive Communication, Oracle, Freshman Support, Air France, Decathlon, VODO


Précédents : Institut Galilée, Université Paris XIII, The University Of Texas At Austin, Université Paris 5 René Descartes


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    RQTH (Hard of Hearing, Hearing disability) Currently working for RogerVoice to bridge the gap between the hearing world and the deaf world. I started being interested in the computer related world really young. From playing educational games on my sister's computer I moved to building websites at the age of 13, took me quite a few night to figure out by myself how everything was put together and how to link pages together since except learning html tags from a website I wanted to discover and try things myself. I didn't take a common educational route but the one which would fit me the best and make me learn the most. All those experiences in France and abroad made me who I am today. I am someone not easily defeated, who will keep pushing his limits and who is creative. Today I built a very large set of skills and I am ready to bring my touch to change the world and help people.


COO - QA Engineer

Chez RogerVoice

De juillet 2017 à aujourd'hui

Disability supervisor & technical/communication team member, Volunteer

Chez Intuitive Communication

De février 2016 à décembre 2016
Application à destination de personnes ayant des troubles de l’élocution. ● Etude de l’ergonomie de l’application et choix techniques pour son évolution ● Responsable de conférences bilingue (Français et LSF) ● Relation directe avec les utilisateurs ● Création de vidéos pour enseigner du vocabulaire ...
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The University Of Texas At Austin, Austin

Master 1, Computer Sciences

De août 2013 à mai 2014
Mobile Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Datamining, Contemporary Issues In Computer Science, Network Privacy & Security, Maths

Web Developper

Chez Freshman Support

De novembre 2013 à mars 2014

Responsable Technique


De avril 2012 à août 2012
Stage de fin d'année de DUT


  • Administration réseaux
  • AngularJS
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Centreon & Nagios
  • CSS
  • Datamining/Datawarehouse
  • HTML
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  • cinéma
  • informatique
  • lecture
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