Fabien Perez

Fabien Perez

Big Data (AMOA/MOE) Consultant, Business & Decision

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Précédents : Université de Sherbrooke, EPF, École D'Ingénieurs (Ecole Polytechnique Féminine), Lycée Montesquieu


    En résumé

    Contact Email Address : fabperez95@hotmail.fr A young engineer open to new working challenges. Always interested in technical and scientific domains, I am currently a young engineer specializing in the domain of Big Data, more specifically in everything that concerns Business Analysis. I benefit from a first experience in technical consulting which has given me the opportunity to develop various skills such as communication, technical analysis or technical writing. My experience abroad helped me realize how important being open-minded to new ideas and opinions is in order to nourish your own concepts and interact with others. I am mostly inspired by people in my entourage that work hard for their career in order to make a living. For this reason, I want to be entrusted with tasks and responsabilities I would give my best to fulfill.


Big Data - AMOA/AMOE Junior Consultant

Chez Business & Decision

De mai 2015 à aujourd'hui
As a junior Big Data consultant at B&D, I mainly got involved in the following tasks : • Business context analysis • Clients' requirements specification • Co-animation of functional workshops • Submission of possible use cases and technologies to implement • Solutions deployment (anomalies relaying, ...
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AMOA/MOE Consultant

Chez Groupe Crédit du Nord

De septembre 2016 à avril 2017
• Identification, analysis and formalisation of needs expressed by contracting authorities ("Client Action" and "Client Knowledge" divisions) Adjustement to needs expression evolutions thanks to an agile project management method implemented (involvement in sprint reviews, demonstration phases and ...
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Junior Consultant in Innovation Financing

Chez InnoviSCOP

De août 2014 à mars 2015
• Technical Analysis (Big Data, Cloud Computing,...) • Scientific Monitoring • Writing of R&D projects

EPF, École D'Ingénieurs (Ecole Polytechnique Féminine), Sceaux

Energy, Environment & Innovation Engineering , Ecole Polytechnique Féminine

De septembre 2009 à juin 2014
• 3 years oriented (2009-2012) towards the domain of mechanical engineering and other associated courses (Fluids Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Mechanical Construction, Aeronautics, Nuclear Physics,etc) • 2 years specialized (2012-2014) in the domains of Energy, Environment but also Innovation and ...
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Intern Engineer in Quality & Environnement

Chez Sagemcom

De septembre 2012 à décembre 2012
• Monitoring of environmental standards • Writing of a bill of specifications • Excel/Sharepoint Development

Intern Engineer in Mechanics, Heat & Acoustics Science

Chez Sagemcom

De février 2012 à mai 2012
• 3D Development under Solidworks • Thermal simulations under 6SigmaET • Thermal and acoustics measurements

Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke

Université de Sherbrooke

De septembre 2010 à juin 2011
• International exchange year to prepare my second year of preparatory class at EPF

Lycée Montesquieu, Herblay

High School Diploma, Lycée Montesquieu

De septembre 2006 à juin 2009
• Highschool formation


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  • Microsoft Office
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