Florent Duchalet

Florent Duchalet

Cellar Hand / Cellar Door

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Précédents : De Bortoli Wines, Moa Brewing Company, Cooinda Lodge Kakadu, Pharmacie Grand Plaisir, Periscope Creations


Précédents : Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand


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    I am currently in a career transition, moving from the I.T. field to the wine, beer and spirits sector. Targeting this objective, I am travelling around the world to explore, discover, share the pleasure and passion of wine. Which countries I’ve selected for this journey? Those that match with my favorite hobbies: good wines, amazing rugby, fantastic cuisines and wonderful landscapes: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina. My aim is to discover different kind of jobs, collect rewarding experiences, work with professionals, share values, open my mind.


Cellar Hand

Chez De Bortoli Wines

De février 2017 à juin 2017
> Transfer wine > Racking > Barrel operations: filling, emptying, stirring, topping, SO2 > Rinse, smoke, ozone barrels > Strong forklift experience > Harvest experience: (day & night shift, 6d/w) > receive and weight fruits > destem, crush and run presses > wine additions: yeast, nutrient, ...
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Bottling Line Assistant

Chez Moa Brewing Company

janvier 2017
• Bottling and Labeling Machines Management • Standard Operating Procedures (keep bottle caps, labels, cartons, trays, tray and pallet wraps (plastic rolls) in adequate amounts to ensure continuous smooth running of equipment and operation) • Fixing Issues • Advisement for optimization and care of ...
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Food and Beverage Attendant

Chez Cooinda Lodge Kakadu

juillet 2016
> Bartender > Take orders from customers > Advise customers about food, beverage and tours > Preparing morning and lunch buffets > General cleaning

Cellar Hand

Chez De Bortoli Wines

De octobre 2015 à avril 2016
> Transfer wines between tanks > Use a forklift to move barrels > Fill and empty barrels > Tip barrels by cans or hoses > Rinse, smoke and prepare barrels for a new use > Work during harvest season, including night shift > Tip, desteam, crush and press grapes > Calculate and put add in differents ...
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Chez Pharmacie Grand Plaisir

De novembre 2014 à septembre 2015
> Product restocking > Merchandising organisation > Warehouse management

Integration Project Manager

Chez Periscope Creations

De novembre 2010 à décembre 2013
> Help desk > Processing customer requests > Bug's and evolution's management > Testing phase and operation warranty > Contents integration > Training support redaction > Training