François Eveillard

François Eveillard

Process Management - Thermal Team Leader, Veolia Water Systems

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Process Management - Thermal Team Leader

Chez Veolia Water Systems

De septembre 2010 à aujourd'hui
Belfast, Hong-Kong, Krakow, Lodz, St-Petersburg, Shenzhen, Warsaw Sludge digestion, Thermal drying, Incineration, Thermal Hydrolysis and sludge digestion, Hydro Thermal Oxidation, Physical and chemical deodorisation, Dry and wet flue gas treatment, Grabs and cranes, Boilers, Turbines

Project Manager

Chez Veolia Water

De novembre 2006 à août 2010
Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) - Portfolio 12 M€ Activated sludge, Biofiltration, Grabs and crane, Discfilter, Methanol storage, Ballasted flocculation, Immersed membrane bioreactor Tenders: feasibility, design, offers, hearings Constructions: basic and detailed design, procurement, budget ...
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Commissioning Manager

Chez Veolia Water

De septembre 2004 à octobre 2006
Incineration and WWTP - Russia, Switzerland Sludge Incineration, Boiler, Electrostatic Precipitator, Thin-layer dryer, Dry flue gas treatment, Turbine, Co-incineration of sludge and domestic waste, Hydro Thermal Oxidation

Process Engineer

Chez Veolia Water

De septembre 2003 à août 2004
Incineration and WWTP Lamella settling, Ballasted flocculation, Biofiltration, Incineration Commissioning Operating costs optimization Implementation of the Integrated Management System (ISO 9000 et 14000)