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CQFD Composites

Pioneer in Structural Thermoplastic pultrusion

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    CQFD Composites is an expert company in the field of pultrusion mainly in the field of STRUCTURAL THERMOPLASTIC COMPOSITE PROFILES. Either in the Automotive Industry with the development of security Beam, or within the Building Industry with facade profiles or even in demanding environments where durability is a must, CQFD Composites offers novel generations of thermoplastic composites to answer emerging requirements (stiffness, weigh reduction, recyclability, low cost...) CQFD Composites operates for its customers new product development on 4 advanced pultrusion lines dedicated to R&D activities. This unique installation in Europe offers a great confidential environment to develop state-of-the-art thermoplastic composite profiles. Our job is to support your composite projects from the early conception phase up to the final production or to a technology transfer in your own production facilities. Multinational companies already trust us on challenging Automotive and Building applications. We welcome your projects!